Chapter 9

There were many big cities in New World.

These cities were also collectively called main cities.

The so-called main cities were actually controlled by various factions in the game.

“New World” was a macro world where all races lived together. There were also many races, such as elves, giants, orcs, undead, and so on. There were even vampires, werewolves, beastwomen, and other elements.

However, the ones in charge of the major cities were the Heavenly Gods in New World.

But this world was too big.

If the strength was uneven, there would be oppression and exploitation, resulting in conflict. Therefore, other than the major cities, many cities were built. During the conquest and conquest process of the game plot, many abandoned or sparsely populated cities would appear.

The Heavenly Gods didn’t want to care about these cities. Instead, they became a playground for the players.

Many alliances or guilds would buy a city as their main city if they had enough money.

At the peak of the New World online game, the main city of an alliance was not cheap. It was comparable to the price of a listed company, about one billion.

However, with the announcement of the game’s closure, many alliances had begun to sell all kinds of assets. There were definitely no players stupid enough who would take over real estate in a dying game.

After all, the game was almost gone. What was the point of buying a city?

Would that person expect to come back to play in his dreams in the future?

However, in the game, players could sell cities to some NPCs even if players did not buy them. However, the price of these NPCs was very low. But, Lin Chen had brought one billion gold coins!

When he wanted to buy Sky Moon City, the other party was also a player and was quite famous in the game. He was the president of the River, Lake, and Sea Guild, Jiang Haihe!

“Forest Dawn… You’re the guy who spent money to buy a dazzling egg and got a Vermillion Bird, right?”

Jiang Haihe actually knew Lin Chen and took the initiative to greet him.

At this moment, he was sitting on the City Lord’s throne in Sky Moon City. However, he did not look majestic. Instead, he looked a little down and out.

There were also a few NPCs here, obviously discussing the price.

“Hmph, I bought the city for one billion gold coins. Now that the price of gold coins have plummeted, I have lost everything. However, they still want to lower the price. They are only willing to pay three hundred million…” Jiang Haihe’s voice was very dissatisfied. He looked at Lin Chen and said, “If you want to buy it, I’ll give it to you for eight hundred million gold coins.”

“Alright, I want 800 million gold coins.”

Lin Chen smiled and said, “I have a girlfriend in the game. I want to give her a home in the game. There shouldn’t be anything more majestic than the City Lord Manor, right?”


Jiang Haihe was very happy to see Lin Chen agree to his asking price. When he heard Lin Chen’s explanation for buying a city, he smiled and said, “Brother, you’re such a sentimental person. The game is about to stop, yet you’re still spending money for nothing? It looks like sister-in-law has a lot of feelings for this game… Sigh, to be honest, who doesn’t have feelings? You’re all young people. You should have only played for three to five years. I’ve been playing this game for a full twenty years!”

Hearing Jiang Haihe’s words, Lin Chen seemed to hear the sound of his heart breaking.

Jiang Haihe.

It was said that in reality, he was the CEO of a listed company and was very capable.

However, he had spent 20 years in this game.

In the end, it was such a pity.

Sensing the sorrow of the middle-aged man in front of him, Lin Chen couldn’t help but say, “President Jiang, don’t tell me you’re also planning to delete your account? It’s a 20-year account!”

“To be honest, I really can’t bear to… However, if I can sell some things, I’ll sell some! Actually, many people know that I’ve invested a lot of money in this game, so after the game is going to stop, my company’s share price has been falling. I think it won’t be long before I go bankrupt.” Jiang Haihe smiled bitterly and said, “I’m selling all kinds of assets now. As long as I can sell them for money… Look at my equipment. I’m looking for someone to take over!”

In fact, after New World announced that it was going to stop, many people went bankrupt. There were a group of businessmen in the game, and there were also a group of people like Jiang Haihe who had invested a lot.

Originally, Lin Chen did not intend to say much. After all, he was such a big CEO. Even if he was going bankrupt, he was not someone of Lin Chen’s class in reality. If not for the fact that this game had coincidentally announced the suspension of the server, it would probably be difficult for Lin Chen to chat with Jiang Haihe.

However, when he saw Jiang Haihe’s pained expression, Lin Chen could not help but say, “Many people say that the game is an illusion in reality, but for some people who are obsessed with the game, reality should be an illusion, right? I think President Jiang might as well change your train of thought. If the company in reality really can’t hold on, why don’t you just take action? Anyway, you have wealth that ordinary people don’t have in their lives. You might as well chase your dreams in the game.”

“Change my train of thought…”

Jiang Haihe muttered to himself.

He did not say much.

Soon, Lin Chen handed over the gold coins and completed the transaction.

Sky Moon City was now his.

When he bought it, Jiang Haihe had spent one billion gold coins. Now, Lin Chen had given him eight hundred million.

It looked like he had only lost 200 million gold coins.

However, when Jiang Haihe bought this city, the one billion gold coins were real one billion cash!

And now?

Eight hundred million gold coins was worth less than two hundred thousand.

It was more than just a loss.

It was no wonder that the stock price of Jiang Haihe’s company would drop every day and go bankrupt… After all, for a businessman, no one would choose to cooperate with him with such an investment in the game.

Lin Chen’s words did not go too far. On one hand, he was trying to persuade Jiang Haihe to be more open-minded. On the other hand, he was telling him that as a businessman, Jiang Haihe had already lost the trust and respect of others in the business world. It would be very difficult for him to rise again.

It was better to play games happily instead.

[Announcement: Sky Moon City has just completed a transaction. The current City Lord is Forest Dawn.]

A game announcement sounded in the game.

In the world channel, there were naturally people who commented.

[It’s Forest Dawn again. Haha… What a sucker!]

[Now, he’s still spending money wastefully to buy a city. Isn’t he a pure fool?]

[Such a spendthrift is really… Speaking of which, is the big shot Forest Dawn around? See if you need anything else. If I have it here, I’ll sell it to you immediately!]


Naturally, Lin Chen was too lazy to look at the world channel.

It was the same even if he saw it. It was either ridicule or mockery.

Lin Chen didn’t care.

However, there were also some people who felt that Lin Chen’s actions were very suspicious… The game had already announced that it was going to be suspended, and the announcements were made every day. In the end, someone still invested money into this game. Was he really an idiot?

Or did he have some insider information?

Among these people with suspicions, Snow Foam, the guild leader of the Thousand Mile Snow Guild, was one of them.

“Forest Dawn… Looks like I have to find an opportunity to ask him!”

Snow Foam muttered to herself.

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