Chapter 37

Just as Lin Chen had expected.

He gave up on chasing after the few gold diggers and stayed behind to take over the Boss with low health because it was Level 120.

Lin Chen could devour its soul to aid his cultivation.

This was the first time Lin Chen had devoured the main soul of a Boss outside of the dungeon.

It was indeed a great supplement!

There was also a lot of EXP.

It allowed Lin Chen to level up.

Of course, now that Bai Shuyi was seriously injured, Lin Chen could not leave.

After the game descended into reality, there was a very realistic state of serious injury.

There was even a near-death state.

In these two states, the attributes would be greatly reduced.

But it didn’t matter. There was plenty of medicine in Lin Chen’s ring.

He gave Bai Shuyi a huge supplement.

Ordinary alchemists could refine it.

After Bai Shuyi ate it, she was no longer in a seriously injured state. Her HP was slowly recovering.

“How do you feel? Do you want to eat another super supplement pill?” Lin Chen smiled and held a medicinal pill in his hand.

Bai Shuyi could not help but roll her eyes and said, “Can’t you just give me a super supplement to begin with?”

“Hehe, I want to try the effect in real life.”

Lin Chen was using Bai Shuyi as a guinea pig.

No wonder Bai Shuyi was a little unhappy.

However, when the Valkyrie regained her full strength after taking the Super Nourishment Pill, Bai Shuyi looked at Lin Chen seriously and said, “Thank you!”


On the other hand, Lin Chen was not used to Bai Shuyi thanking him in such a serious manner.

However, the two of them were still in danger.

There was no unnecessary greeting or conversation. They quickly went back to their new battle.

Lin Chenkuang cut down a whole street of zombies. Together with Bai Shuyi, they killed their way to the front of the Corpse Bug King.

A Level 70 Boss.

In Lin Chen’s hands, it was just a piece of trash that could be instantly killed.

It did not take much effort.

At the same time, a strange item dropped.

[Puppet’s Heart: Special-purpose tool, extremely evil.]

It seemed that the Corpse Bug King used this to create zombies.

After the Corpse Bug King was killed, the monsters in the nearby streets seemed to have smelled it and rushed over, as if they were in a hurry to fill the gap and occupy territory. Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao killed batch after batch, but they seemed to be unable to kill them all.

The monster’s corpses and blood even dyed the river red.

During this battle, Lin Chen suddenly discovered that there were some figures standing in the clouds in the sky.


Lin Chen became vigilant.

These people could stand on the clouds.

Moreover, when Lin Chen discovered them, he inexplicably felt his heart palpitate…

That was a reaction that he had never had even when facing a Level 150 Boss.

Suddenly, Bai Shuyi exclaimed, “Lin Chen!”

Lin Chen hurriedly looked at Bai Shuyi. It turned out that the two of them had unknowingly killed their way from the streets to the seaside. Many monster corpses and blood had also flowed into the sea.


In the sea, a huge sea monster rushed out after smelling the scent.

At that moment, Lin Chen’s expression changed and he hurriedly shouted, “Bai Shuyi, quickly retreat!”

Lin Chen couldn’t tell what level this sea monster was…

That meant that it had to be of an infinitely higher level!

This proved to be the case.

After the sea monster jumped out of the sea, it directly swallowed a Level 130 monster.

The reason why the giant-legged monsters were called this was because their legs were 65 meters tall. The entire giant-legged monster was more than a hundred meters tall, but it was still only a mouthful for the sea demons.

“This sea demon is not someone we can deal with now!”

Lin Chen pulled Bai Shuyi and turned to leave. He even said, “It seems that even Shanghai is about to fall completely!”

There was nothing he could do!

There were too many monsters.

Moreover, they were also very strong.

Even if Lin Chen was the number one player in the game, he was only a player.

He was only Level 121.

As for soul cultivation, it only started at Level 120.

Lin Chen planned to escape with Bai Shuyi.

He couldn’t care less.

He even wanted to go back and properly set up the defense of Sky Moon City.

With the strength of these monsters, to be honest, if the Holy Maiden Tribe was unwilling to do anything, Sky Moon City would definitely be doomed!

Just as Lin Chen made up his mind, a voice suddenly came from the sky. “Evil creature, you dare to cross the line and plunder the magical beasts of my Dragon Spirit Kingdom? You’re courting death!”

The huge sea monster suddenly stopped moving.

Its huge head looked at the sky and it could actually speak. Its voice was like muffled thunder, “God Apostle Realm… I just ate giant-legged monster. Does the Dragon Spirit Kingdom want to start a war with our Sea Demon Race?”

“Hmph, if you leave now, this governor will pretend that nothing happened!”

A man in golden armor walked down from the clouds.

He held a golden spear in his hand and had a mighty aura.

In fact, the originally irritable monsters quietened down.

“Okay, I’ll back off.”

Seeing that the other party was about to attack, the sea demon immediately returned to the water. After a huge wave, it disappeared.

At this moment, the man floated down.

He stopped in front of Lin Chen and Bai Shuyi.

Lin Chen calmed himself down and looked at the other party. “Thank you for your help, sir. We can’t stand the sea demons bullying the demon beasts of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom. We didn’t realize that we overestimated ourselves? In that case, we won’t disturb your patrol. Goodbye!”

With that, Lin Chen pulled Bai Shuyi and was about to leave.

“You are not citizens of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom!”

The man said, “You two are from the Blue Planet, right?”

Lin Chen and Bai Shuyi stopped in their tracks.

In the sky, many soldiers of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom suddenly became vigilant.

Two rays of light shone over, causing the soldiers of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom to surround them.

When the light dissipated, Lin Chen heard Liu Mengyao’s voice. “Lin Chen, Shuyi.”

“Mengyao… Lin Chen greets the two elders!”

Lin Chen immediately bowed to Kong Yan and Kong Lin before looking at an old man beside Liu Mengyao.

Liu Quan!

He was also wearing armor.

However, there were many bloodstains on the armor.

It seemed that he had also experienced a battle.

At this moment, the man also saw Kong Yan and Kong Lin. He quickly raised his hand to signal all the soldiers to retreat. Then, he cupped his hands and said, “Gold Spear, the Governor of the Sea Conquering Province of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom, greets the two seniors of the Holy Maiden Tribe of the Light! It turns out that Senior has already led the Holy Maiden Tribe of the Light to escape. It’s really worth celebrating… I wonder if Senior plans to find a territory to live in my Dragon Spirit Kingdom?”

“Currently, our Holy Maiden Tribe lives in his Sky Moon City.”

In Kong Yan’s reply, she mentioned Lin Chen and his Sky Moon City.

“I see…”

Gold Spear turned around and said to Lin Chen, “Since you’re the Sky Moon City Lord, why didn’t you say anything just now? Also, why didn’t you greet me when you saw me?”

“Greetings, Provincial Lord Gold.” Lin Chen cupped his hands.

But in fact, there were many questions in Lin Chen’s mind.

For example, where did this Gold Spear fellow come from?

And what about this Dragon Spirit Kingdom?

In addition, what was going on with the entire game invading reality?

From the looks of it, it did not seem like the game had invaded the Blue Planet.

It seemed more that a few powerful forces had planned to invade this planet for a long time.

“Blue Planet… No, it should be called the Blue World now. Previously, there were a total of eight provinces in the southeast of the Blue Planet’s Dragon Kingdom. Now, they have all been divided under our Dragon Spirit Kingdom. Under the orders of the gods, the people of the Blue Planet can also have a chance to rise. Therefore, since you bought Sky Moon City, your status as the city lord will also be recognized by the Dragon Spirit Kingdom. As for the demon beasts everywhere, from now on, you can’t kill them wantonly. After these demon beasts have divided their territory, you can kill them at will. Do you understand?”

Gold Spear gave Lin Chen an order in a warning tone.

“Governor Gold, please forgive me for asking… If we’re not allowed to kill these demon beasts, are we going to let them kill the people of the Blue Planet at will?” Lin Chen said in a low voice. “General, you said just now that the Dragon Spirit Kingdom recognizes the people of the Blue Planet, so are we also citizens of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom in the future? How can the Dragon Spirit Kingdom let the demon beasts kill their own citizens?”


The golden spear nodded and said coldly, “However, it’s their own problem that they can’t defeat the demon beasts. Before we descended, we had already given everyone on the Blue Planet a chance to obtain the ability to fight the demon beasts within twenty years. However, they gave up of their own volition!”

Hearing this, Lin Chen understood a little…

Sure enough, there was a huge problem with the New World game.

Now, it seemed like a scheme.

At this moment, Lin Chen, including everyone on the Blue Planet, was already in the middle of the scheme.

Gold Spear said to Lin Chen, “I know what you’re thinking. I admire you for daring to say these words. In that case, I can give you face and arrange for troops to treat all the surviving Blue Planet people and send them to Sky Moon City for you to deal with.”

“Thank you, Governor Gold!” Lin Chen immediately expressed his gratitude.

“In Sea Conqueror Province, there’s only one city that the Blue Planet people bought, and that’s your Sky Moon City. I can also acknowledge you as the Sky Moon City Lord, but from now on, you’re my man. Do you understand?” Gold Spear asked again.

“Understood. Thank you for your appreciation, Governor Gold!”

Lin Chen knew what it meant to be under someone else’s roof.

Although this roof was also obtained by them through schemes and force, there was nothing they could do.

After all, strength was everything.

It was likely that Gold Spear was willing to say so much to Lin Chen and even admit that Lin Chen lived in Sky Moon City, including roping Lin Chen in, due to Kong Yan, the soul third rank Divine Messenger, who was definitely of great influence.

After that, Lin Chen did not say anything else.

Gold Spear didn’t have any other requests. He only wanted Lin Chen to remember that in three days, Lin Chen should go to Sea Conqueror City to see him.

Lin Chen agreed.

Then, the group began to return to Sky Moon City.

Only then did Lin Chen have a chance to talk to Liu Quan.

“General Liu…”

“You still call me General? I know everything about you and Mengyao.”

“Grandpa Liu.”

Lin Chen, on the other hand, was not embarrassed at all. He immediately changed his words, causing Liu Mengyao to blush. However, Lin Chen asked anxiously, “Grandpa, do you have any news about the various countries on the Blue Planet?”

“You’ve asked the right person!”

Liu Quan’s response meant that he had a lot of information in his hands.

What Lin Chen wanted now was information.

Only with enough information could he quickly figure out the current situation.

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