Chapter 38

In the evening, in Sky Moon City.

Almost an entire day had passed since the great changes on the Blue Planet and the invasion of the monsters.

At this moment, Lin Chen was sitting in the main seat in the main hall of the City Lord Residence of Sky Moon City.

Then, Kong Yan, Kong Lin, Liu Mengyao, Liu Quan, Bai Shuyi, and Zhang Chunlin sat down separately.

Everyone was listening to Liu Quan’s story.

“The small Sun Country in the east was almost completely wiped out in one night… Of course, some people who inherited the game ability are still alive, but the entire territory has indeed fallen.”

“It’s said that Eagle Country is still resisting, but I believe they won’t be any better than us because all the missiles and heavy weapons have lost their effectiveness. Bullets alone can’t penetrate the skin of these monsters.”

“Those countries in the west have all fallen!”

“The Bear Kingdom in the north is also resisting, but the great changes on the Blue Planet have pushed them further to the north. The weather is extremely bad, and countless people have died. They probably won’t be able to survive after today.”

The above was the news about the entire Blue Planet that Liu Quan had brought.

“It seems that the Blue Planet has completely fallen.”

Lin Chen said in a deep voice, “The Gold Spear we encountered just now claimed to be the provincial governor of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom’s Sea Conquering Province. Everyone has seen his strength. He’s at the peak of the second soul rank. His soldiers are all above level 150. And this is just Gold Spear and his soldiers. How many Gold Spears and how many people are there in the entire Dragon Spirit Kingdom?”

“That’s right!”

Bai Shuyi agreed. “Besides, the Blue Planet seems to be much bigger than before, right?”

“You can understand it this way. The territory of the Dragon Kingdom now is at least hundreds of millions of square kilometers. Golden Spear said that the Dragon Spirit Kingdom occupied the eight southeastern provinces of the Dragon Kingdom in the past. These territories combined are terrifyingly huge! They’re almost larger than the entire land of the Blue Planet in the past.”

Liu Quan shook his head and sighed, “From this, we can see how many outsiders there are.”

“But we can’t always be at the mercy of others!”

Bai Shuyi said angrily, “From the beginning until now, do you know how miserable the people I’ve seen have been? Besides, although that Gold Spear said that he would accept us, he keeps calling us people from the Blue Planet. His tone is filled with contempt.”

“Therefore, I suggest that we organize our people.”

Liu Quan said in a deep voice, “Now, we have this city, and Lin Chen is also capable. Most importantly, Lin Chen can obtain the recognition of that Gold Spear. Furthermore, this city belongs to Lin Chen, so we’ll respect him as the City Lord from now on. After that, we’ll set up a new system and work hard to unite all those who can work together to survive.”

As expected of the old general.

His words, including his gaze, were the ones that saw the furthest away.

No one had any objections to Liu Quan’s suggestion.

Moreover, Lin Chen’s strength was obvious.

At this moment, Kong Yan suddenly said, “Our Holy Maiden Tribe will not continue to stay in Sky Moon City, so… I hope that the Divine Spiritualist can leave with us and go to a new territory.”

“No, why would Yaoyao want to go with you?” Bai Shuyi panicked.

However, Kong Yan insisted, “The Divine Spiritualist must follow us because we have a more suitable cultivation method for her. Divine Spiritualists only appear once every thousand years, just like how your city lord is a Celestial. They are both rare job classes. If we let the Divine Spiritualist follow you, I will not be at ease!”

Bai Shuyi wanted to say something, but Lin Chen raised his hand to stop her.

Lin Chen asked Kong Yan gently, “Senior Kong, why do you say that my profession and that of a Divine Spiritualist are very rare? Bai Shuyi’s a Valkyrie, so her profession should be very rare as well, right?”

“The Valkyrie profession is indeed rare, but it’s not so rare that it only appears once every thousand years. Divine Spiritualists only appear once every thousand years, and Celestials only appear once every ten thousand years. Can they be compared?”

When Kong Yan heard Lin Chen’s question, she didn’t hide anything and told him everything. “Don’t think that Gold Spear only thinks highly of you because of this Sky Moon City. In fact, to them, the status of a city lord can be taken away at any time. There’s nothing strange about it. Gold Spear thinks highly of you because you’re a Celestial, the only one!”

Lin Chen was stunned.

When he first got his job certificate, he didn’t see the Celestial’s description of being unique!

However, in Kong Yan’s words, Celestials seemed to be very, very powerful!

It was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

So, this was the reason why Lin Chen was acknowledged by Gold Spear?

However, before Lin Chen could be happy, Kong Yan spoke again. “Although you are a Celestial and very powerful, don’t think that you will have a smooth journey in the future. The stronger the profession, the more targeted you will be. In addition, the acceptance of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom is also valuable. In the future, the Blue Planet will not be peaceful. These countries will definitely fight each other… Divine Spiritualists need a stable cultivation environment, and now, only we can give it to her!”

It was obvious that Kong Yan was thinking for Liu Mengyao.

However, Lin Chen wasn’t very willing to let them take Liu Mengyao away.

At this moment, the Dragon General requested to see him.

“Come in.”

Lin Chen let Dragon General, the leader of the Skymoon Knights, in and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Reporting to the City Lord, I was ordered to lead the knights to patrol the surroundings and discovered that there’s a mining mountain range in the west. There’s also a soul mountain range in the northwest.”

Long Jiang told Lin Chen two good news.


And the Soul Mountain Range.

Lin Chen was still a little puzzled.

Kong Yan couldn’t help but stand up and said, “There must be a spirit vein under the Soul Mountain Range that can produce Soul Crystals. The mine can produce gold coins. According to tradition, these two mountains belong to whoever discovers them first and occupies them. City Lord Lin, can you give us a mountain in the Soul Mountain Range as our territory? In that case, the Divine Spiritualist will follow us and be close to your Sky Moon City. What do you think?”

There was a spirit vein in the Soul Mountain Range that could produce soul crystals?

In addition, the mine was a gold mine!

Lin Chen was overjoyed.

This was really a mine!

As for Kong Yan’s suggestion, Lin Chen hesitated. However, he quickly made a decision… The strongest person in Sky Moon City was still Lin Chen himself.

However, against those Rank one and Rank two monsters, Lin Chen’s strength was still not enough.

Lin Chen originally wanted to keep the Holy Maiden Tribe.

At the very least, he could temporarily let the Holy Maiden Tribe act as Sky Moon City’s protective umbrella.

It was not impossible for Kong Yan to get a mountain peak on the mountain range as her territory.

However, the conditions had to be negotiated.

“Come, let’s go to the mountain range and take a look!”

Lin Chen stood up.

The group left Sky Moon City and killed any monsters they saw on the way.

When Lin Chen arrived at the mountain range, he was stunned!

‘You call this a mountain range?’

Even if Lin Chen flew into the sky, he felt that there was no end to it.

It should be said that this was a mountain range.

“Dragon General, are you sure there’s a gold mine in this entire mountain range?” Lin Chen asked.

“Yes, City Lord!”

After obtaining Dragon General’s response, Lin Chen’s mentality had also gained a deeper understanding of the Soul Mountain Range.

As expected, when he arrived at the Soul Mountain Range, he found that it was another incomparably huge mountain range. Lin Chen patted Zhang Chunlin’s shoulder and said, “Do you still know how to mine?”

“What are you saying…”

Zhang Chunlin was very sensible. Without another word, he rolled up his sleeves and went forward to do it.

He dug and dug and dug.

He really dug out a soul crystal.

Although it was only of ordinary quality,

“Senior Kong.”

Lin Chen looked at Kong Yan and said, “We can give you a mountain as your territory, but the Holy Maiden Tribe will form an alliance with Sky Moon City in the future. Moreover, if there are outstanding disciples in Sky Moon City in the future, you can also let them enter the Holy Maiden Tribe to be nurtured. As a reward, the Holy Maiden Tribe can also use our Heaven Moon City’s Trial Tower. Then, the Divine Spiritualist will cultivate with you. What do you think?”

Lin Chen began to negotiate.

Actually, cooperation was not important.

The key was this alliance of offense and defense.

“If City Lord Lin can give us another mountain, we can agree to it.” Kong Yan was obviously here to discuss business.


Lin Chen agreed without hesitation.

After all, the Holy Maiden Tribe was not greedy.

There were a total of nine mountain ranges in the entire Soul Mountain Range.

However, in the eyes of Dragon General, Kong Yan, and the others, this was just one mountain range.

To be honest, Lin Chen had originally planned to directly give the Holy Maiden Tribe a mountain range.

They could mine as they pleased.

As long as the Holy Maiden Tribe could become his staunch ally in the future.

In the end, they only wanted two mountains.

Lin Chen directly gave them two big mountains. After all, they were the current umbrella of Sky Moon City.

There was a mine.

There was also the Trial Tower in Skymoon City.

Outside the city, there were also some very good monster areas.

The east of the city was a Level 1 to 30 monster area. In addition, there were monsters from Level 40 to 100 in the west, south, and north of the city.

Further away, there were still many monsters living in Dragon Sea City and Shanghai.

There were even many Bosses.

Now, Sky Moon City had a gold mine and a soul crystal mine.

In other words, the opportunities for development were all here.

This was because Lin Chen’s warehouse contained a large amount of equipment, medicinal pills, and sub-occupation materials.

Of course.

Lin Chen would not hand over these resources for nothing.

He was no philanthropist.

How was that possible to give it away for free?

There were mines, but they needed people to mine them!

And now, Sky Moon City had no shortage of people.

Lin Chen immediately got the three legions to set up camp in the Gold Mine Mountain Range and the Soul Mine. He then got Zhang Chunlin to arrange for people to come and mine.

Lin Chen only collected 10% of the mining resources that everyone dug up for the City Lord Manor.

The rest was all for themselves.

10% was already very low.

As for the mines in everyone’s hands, Lin Chen would use various game resources to exchange for them.

There were even equipment, skill books, and other items that could be exchanged.

Otherworld invasion, Blue Planet disaster…

However, Lin Chen wanted to lead the people of the Blue Planet to rise from scratch in the disaster!

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