Chapter 40

He had made up his mind.

At night, Lin Chen planned to go to Snow Foam’s place to take a look.

After all, if the humans of the Blue Planet wanted to survive, they had to find a new way.

This was also a process of searching for a way to cross the river.

Therefore, it was necessary to strengthen the connection between the cities of the Blue Planet.

If Snow Foam’s city could survive tomorrow, Snow Foam might not be able to bring people to support Sky Moon City in ten days.

Snow Foam was worthy of everyone’s trust.

There were unfortunately some inheritors who had inherited the strength in the game “New World,” but they did not join any city of the Blue Planet people. This was not Lin Chen’s guess, but a fact calculated by Liu Quan using some of the military systems.

According to the statistics, most of the inheritors of the human race on the Blue Planet chose to be free loners. They killed monsters everywhere and leveled up. Then, they sold their spoils of war and began to become like adventurers.

Of course, there were also some people, such as the people who attacked Bai Shuyi. They continued to commit all kinds of crimes and took on the role of robbing, killing, and picking up scraps.

They were even enjoying it.

Lin Chen found Zhang Chunlin and gave him some instructions.

Of course, Lin Chen did not leave everything to Zhang Chunlin alone. At this moment, the only person Lin Chen could trust was Liu Mengyao. He even asked Bai Shuyi and Liu Quan to assist Liu Mengyao in guarding the City Lord’s Mansion.

Zhang Chunlin, on the other hand, continued to manage and house everyone.

Moreover, Zhang Chunlin planned to arrange for some people to go out of the city to kill monsters and level up tonight.

This suggestion was also approved by Bai Shuyi.

That was because her parents needed to slowly level up from Level 1.

Hence, Bai Shuyi brought her parents and Liu Mengyao’s parents out of the city to level up.

Liu Quan commanded the soldiers to split up and lead the team to level up. He himself was accompanied by Liu Mengyao to the Trial Tower.

Although it was already late at night,

However, no one could sleep.

It was hard to sleep.

After all, the world had changed drastically and everyone had lost their homes.

There were even some people who could not accept reality and still had lingering fears…

In that case, everyone, move!

On the other side of the mountain range, the mine had already been opened.

Opening these mines did not rely on manpower.

Instead, it was the pets that Lin Chen had reared.

The City Lord’s Residence had hundreds of Perfect-grade pets. These pets had all reached about level 30 under their care. Perhaps it was not possible to let them kill monsters now, but it was safe and efficient to let them dig a hole.

The gold mines and soul crystal mines had over a hundred mines dug out on the 18 mountain ranges. Then, the three armies of Skymoon Country guarded them in batches. One of the armies was responsible for protecting all the ‘miners’ as they arrived at the mines.

Under the pressure of survival, almost everyone participated.

No one wanted to sleep at night.

Because they couldn’t fall asleep at all.

Outside Sky Moon City, in the Level 1 monster area.

There were some people who had no one to lead them for the time being and were not arranged to be the first batch to enter the mine, so they formed their own teams. One of the men was shouting, “Old gamers of New World are leading the team. Although they once sold their accounts, they have now obtained a strength bonus. Their speed of killing monsters is definitely very fast. If you don’t have a party, hurry up and form a team with me.”

Yes, the game had invaded reality.

However, there were some things that were preserved.

For example, this party function.

But it had to be noted.

This was reality.

The team function could only ensure the distribution of experience points.

As for the spoils of war, there was no guarantee.

It was very likely that the experts in the team would directly snatched the loot.

Moreover, the party function in reality did not have the friendly fire off… It meant that teammates could attack each other and cause damage.

That, too, required attention.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that your teammate is absolutely safe so that your back can be handed to him.

However, these functions were not worth mentioning compared to the character and pet attributes panel.

Lin Chen had thought that the attribute status panel would disappear after the game invaded reality.

After all, for the entire Blue Planet, if they could keep this panel, it would be a big bug because they could check their attributes and various statuses at any time.

But the reality was…

This function was actually preserved!

For example, Lin Chen.

After his soul broke through to Tier 6, he checked his attributes.

First of all, the name had changed.

His game ID became his name in reality according to the status panel.

However, his class, attributes, and other information did not change much.

[Lin Chen]

[Class: Celestial]

[Level: 121]

[Experience Points: 500 million / 3.5 billion]

[HP: 62,400]

[Mana: 10,2820]

[Magic Attack: 82,240]

[Physical Attack: 82,240]

[SPD: 281.82 yards per second]

[Soul Cultivation: Level 6]

[Soul Attributes: All Attributes increased by 20%, All Skills leveled up by 2, Skill Points +20]

[Constitution: 3250+650]

[Spirit: 8560+1712]

[Strength: 8,560+1,712]

[Agility: 4,270+854]

What shocked Lin Chen the most was that after his soul cultivation reached the fifth level, every time he advanced, his attributes, skill level, and skill points would increase.

Now, Lin Chen had learned another forbidden spell.

[Forbidden Spell—Divine Elephant Stomps the Nine Heavens: Celestial enters the sky and tramples down at three times his own speed. During this period, you will obtain the power of the divine elephant. With the enhancement of the ancient divine elephant, you will become a golden body. You will be invincible for three seconds and will not receive any damage. After hitting the target, you will deal 300% physical damage to the target. Every time the speed increases by 100 yards, the damage will increase by 50%. Consumption of mana: 1,000. Cooldown: 5 minutes.]

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