Chapter 39

Soon, Sky Moon City established a set of rules with the city lord as the center.

In this rule, the City Lord had absolute authority.

Lin Chen did not insist on people staying in his city.

Anyways, if everyone wanted to stay, so be it.

They could leave whenever they wanted.

Those who stayed behind had a chance to obtain the things they wanted through their own labor.

Then, they would kill monsters to level up.

Of course, everyone could also choose their job class freely.

Subclasses could also be chosen.

In Lin Chen’s Sky Moon City, there were many secondary class instructors.

In addition, those who were good at cooking could also find work.

Just like a loan, he wanted them to open a restaurant.

Lin Chen also gave everyone a chance.

However, Lin Chen would not give resources to others for free.

If one wanted to live in the houses in Sky Moon City, they had to pay rent.

In addition, they had to pay for food, clothing, accommodation, and even protection while farming monsters to level up. If they needed someone else to bring them, they had to pay. If they didn’t have money, they had to go into the mine… In short, Lin Chen wasn’t their nanny. It was more like they needed each other.

Lin Chen relied on these people to help him actively mine and run the city.

And everyone had to rely on Lin Chen and Sky Moon City to maintain their survival.

When it was 11 pm, many airships appeared outside Heavenly Moon City.

There were many people on these airships.

The airship landed directly in the central square of Sky Moon City.

Lin Chen brought a group of people to welcome them.

Sure enough, many Blue Planet people were sent down from the airship. From their clothes and hairstyles, it could be seen that there was another person. He was Gold Spear.

Dragon Spirit Kingdom, Sea Conqueror Province, Provincial Governor.

The difference was that there were many people around Gold Spear this time.

They were not soldiers.

From the looks of it, they looked like some prominent figures.

“Sky Moon City’s City Lord, Lin Chen, greets the Governor and welcomes all guests.” Lin Chen stepped forward to welcome them.

At this moment, a female voice sounded. “You’re Lin Chen? Not bad. Before we came to this planet, you actually knew to buy a city. You’re the only person from the Blue Planet who has such knowledge in such a big place like Sea Conqueror Province. My name is Mia. From now on, I’ll be in charge of the merchant guild in Sea Conqueror Province.”

“So it’s the merchant guild leader. Sorry for the disrespect.”

Lin Chen felt a little strange.

It was just the first day.

The Blue Planet was completely conquered so quickly?

Now, they had even started to set up a merchant guild.

It seemed that Gold Spear had not helped Lin Chen for nothing!

Lin Chen was already on his guard.

In the City Lord’s Mansion, Lin Chen had already sent someone to serve the dishes.

In addition, some exotic fruits were also taken out of the warehouse.

The main seat was also given to Gold Spear.

After everyone had finished eating, Gold Spear finally began to speak. “Sky Moon City, Sky Moon Mountain Range. There are gold mines and soul ores inside… Hehe, City Lord Lin, there’s no need to be so nervous. In fact, we already knew about this matter a long time ago. Furthermore, we respected City Lord Lin very much and didn’t snatch it. In fact, there are quite a number of gold mines and soul mines in our Sea Conqueror Province. These eight people will be the eight leaders of Sea Conqueror Province in the future. Currently, they also have their own territories and their own gold mines and soul mines.”

Hearing this, Lin Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

However, Gold Spear spoke again. “However, the mineral veins in the Sky Moon Mountains are indeed not small. In addition, if there are still survivors from the Blue Planet in the future, they will definitely choose Sky Moon City to develop first. This shows that City Lord Lin’s Sky Moon City has great potential for future development!”

“What do you want to say, Governor? Just say it. Lin Chen will cooperate!”

Lin Chen saw that Gold Spear had said a lot, but he had been beating around the bush, so he simply flattered him.

At the very least, from Gold Spear’s tone, it shouldn’t be too much of a scam for Sky Moon City.

“We need the merchant guild to be stationed in Sky Moon City. In addition, the amount of gold coins and soul crystals that Sky Moon City pays to the provincial capital every year has to be discussed. The eight great families pay three million soul crystals and thirty million gold coins every month. As for Sky Moon City, the mines are slightly larger, and the population is much larger than theirs…”

At this point, Gold Spear looked straight at Lin Chen and asked, “How much do you think you should give?”

Lin Chen did not respond.

It was just as he thought.

There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world!

Although Gold Spear expressed his support for Lin Chen and even helped him send so many survivors from the Blue Planet, his exploitation also followed.

Three million soul crystals in a month.

In addition, there were 30 million gold coins.

And from his tone, it didn’t seem to be enough.

“How much do you want?”

Lin Chen kicked the question back.

In any case, Sky Moon City did not seem to have any right to negotiate.

“5,000,000 ordinary soul crystals and 50,000,000 gold coins! In addition, I will help you withstand the beast tide for ten days… Originally, this place of yours did not have a city. It was all the territory of demon beasts. However, now that Sky Moon City is located here, it has occupied the territory of many demon beasts. Those demon beasts would have come to attack the city at eight o’clock tomorrow morning. However, with me around, I can buy you ten days.”

When Gold Spear said this, his gaze turned to the people from the eight great families. He said in a deep voice, “I have been ordered by the king to become the provincial governor of Sea Conqueror Province. I only have one goal, and that is to make everyone rich together. Don’t think that just because the provincial governor has the tax revenue of the entire Sea Conqueror Province, he still asks you for money or that in the end, this money will all go into my pocket. In fact, the king has to pay a lot of wealth to the divine court every year. Therefore, I hope for stability more than you. I believe you should understand what I mean!”


Lin Chen wanted to laugh.

Invading another planet and destroying the homes of countless people.

But now, he was talking about stability.

As for the beast tide…

Lin Chen suspected that this was Gold Spear’s blatant threat to him and Sky Moon City.

“City Lord Lin, do you have any objections to the monthly amount of offerings?” Gold Spear finally asked Lin Chen.

This time, Lin Chen had to give a response.

“Governor, I would like to ask, within these ten days, can the people of Sky Moon City take the initiative to clear out some large Bosses in the surrounding regions? After all, most of the people in Sky Moon City are natives who don’t even have the strength to truss a chicken. They don’t have the ability to fight against large Bosses.”

Naturally, Lin Chen still had to fight for some chances of survival for Sky Moon City.

“Hehe, City Lord Lin is indeed a smart person!”

Gold Spear smiled and said, “Alright, every month, your Sky Moon City will give double the offerings. I’ll agree to it.”

“That Lin Chen has no objections either.” Lin Chen gave his response.

Currently, Sky Moon City was weak.

Therefore, he could only endure a little.

Moreover, they had to face a beast tide.

Lin Chen had to fight for ten days so that everyone could develop.

Otherwise, could it be that the three Sky Moon Legions and the mercenary legion which only had less than 2,000 people in total had to face the ferocious beast tide?

Gold Spear and the others did not stay for long.

After negotiating with Lin Chen, he left.

Before they left, the people from the eight great families came over to get close to Lin Chen. They even invited Lin Chen over as a guest, but Lin Chen rejected them one by one.

Who knew if his safety would be guaranteed if he went?

Besides, Lin Chen did not have the time.

After sending Gold Spear and the others off, Lin Chen gathered Zhang Chunlin, Liu Quan, and the others and said to them, “In ten days, a beast tide will attack our Sky Moon City. In these ten days, we must gather everyone and mobilize them. Mine at night and level up during the day. In addition, recruit 10,000 Blacksmith Apprentices and 10,000 Sewing Apprentices and let them rush to make Level 1 to Level 30 equipment. At least, we can guarantee that these people can reach Level 30 and above before the beast tide arrives!”

“Level 30 is far from enough.”

Zhang Chunlin said, “I suggest that we gather a group of people who have inherited the gaming ability, such as Snow Foam. Have you contacted her?”

“I can’t contact her.” Lin Chen shook his head.

“She contacted me.”

Bai Shuyi immediately replied, “Snow Foam also has a city. Her location is called Ice Nation. Moreover, the provincial governor has also informed her about the beast tide. However, they have to face the beast tide tomorrow!”

Bai Shuyi took out her phone.

Only a day had passed.

Her phone still had battery.

When the battery was exhausted, it would probably become useless.

However, Lin Chen had also prepared some power banks, which should be enough for a while.

He gave one to Bai Shuyi and instructed, “Don’t use the power recklessly. We can’t generate electric power now.”

“Can we build a hydropower station?” Zhang Chunlin suggested.

Liu Quan shook his head and said, “The hydropower station can’t generate electricity anymore. I think it’s because of the invasion. Their arrival changed a lot of things on the Blue Planet.”

“High Priestess, you heard it too. In the next ten days, there will be a beast tide. Right now, we can’t help you establish your tribe’s territory, so you might have to stay in Sky Moon City and continue living with us for a period of time. Therefore, I want the Holy Maiden Tribe to help our people to level up. Each person will lead four people and form a team. At that time, let these four people give you gold coins or soul crystals as remuneration. What do you think?”

Lin Chen thought of a good idea.

It seemed like he could not count on Snow Foam.

They were both City Lords, but the treatment of City Lords was different.

According to Snow Foam, she had only gathered tens of thousands of people from the Blue Planet during the cataclysm.

Moreover, they were about to face the beast tide attack.

In addition, she was informed that she had to pay 10 million soul crystals and 100 million gold coins every month!

It was like a robbery!

In comparison, Lin Chen’s situation was much better.

Moreover, Snow Foam had sent a message to ask for help.

She hoped that Lin Chen could rush over and help deal with the beast tide.

Lin Chen could rush over, and there was still time for the journey.

He wanted to go too.

It was not just to help.

Lin Chen needed more information now.

For example, the relationship between the Ice Nation and the Dragon Spirit Nation.

Also, how powerful were the monsters of the beast tide…

Finally, there was a chance!

Right now, Lin Chen urgently needed to increase his strength.

Killing monsters to level up.

Devouring souls!

Lin Chen believed that the beast tide would definitely bring him a lot of benefits.

However, before he left, he had to settle down Sky Moon City.

Cooperating with the Holy Maiden Tribe was the best solution.

Let those powerful Holy Maiden Tribe cultivators bring the people from Sky Moon City to level up. That way, their speed would be even faster!

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