Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 49 - Chapter 49: Even If There Are Ten Million Enemies, I Will Go!

Chapter 49: Even If There Are Ten Million Enemies, I Will Go!

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Ersius was still speaking proudly. Although Ersius was also shocked by the strength Lin Chen had revealed which was not weaker than him, a God Apostle, he was not in a hurry.


But Mo Yi cursed under her breath.

Then, Mo Yi looked down.

At this moment, Lin Chen was about to kill the Fire Raven.

With Lin Chen’s current strength, it was not a problem for him to deal with the remaining two Ox Demons.

Mo Yi felt that her plan to use the Bosses to completely wipe out Ice Snow City had failed.

Right now, she could only think of a way to remedy it.

In the future, this battle in Ice Snow City would definitely be made public.

At that time, there would be gossip everywhere.

No matter what, Ice Nation had indeed broken the rules.

This Ersius would definitely be the scapegoat.

However, Ice Nation could not do nothing.

She had to think of a way to save some reputation and face.

At the thought of this, Mo Yi said in a low voice, “Ersius, since you’re so confident, I’ll leave the matters of Ice Snow City to you! I’ll just go to patrol the vicinity.”

“Alright, Your Highness Mo Yi!” Ersius’s expression was filled with happy surprise.

Mo Yi did not want to look at this idiot anymore.

She soared into the air and left alone.

However, Mo Yi circled around and found a place before transforming into her human form.

She was completely in human form!

The pointy ears and some characteristics unique to elves had all disappeared.

She even put on a black robe.

Then Mo Yi went to the battlefield.

When she arrived at the front of the monster nest, she saw that the Fire Raven and the corpses of the two Ox Demons had already fallen to the ground.

The materials on the corpse had been plundered.

There were no traces of items that had dropped on the ground.

On the other hand, Lin Chen was standing there.

At this moment, he had become stronger again!

Mo Yi’s purple eyes flashed. She was secretly shocked, but she maintained her calm on the surface.

Lin Chen also saw her.

He remembered those eyes.

“Why aren’t you watching the show on the clouds anymore?” Lin Chen asked teasingly.

With just one sentence, the other party could tell that he was unhappy.

Watching the show?

Mo Yi said coldly, “First of all, you’re not from Ice Nation. You’re from the Dragon Spirit Nation, so this is our Ice Nation’s business. Although you can interfere, it doesn’t mean that you can criticize us casually! Secondly, there might be many elves who want to erase Ice Snow City, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the Queen of Ice Nation has allowed it.”

“So, what do you mean by your words?”

Lin Chen said coldly, “You clearly did it, but you don’t dare to admit it? If I’m not wrong with my guess, if this matter is made public, it will definitely become a stain on Ice Nation, right? Therefore, you probably don’t want this matter to be exposed.”


Lin Chen said it directly. He was guessing.


The reason was very simple!

From how Gold Spear of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom treated him, the City Lord of Sky Moon City, it could be seen that these foreign invaders were ambivalent about the people of the Blue Planet.

On one hand, they did not want to coexist with the people of the Blue Planet.

However, on the other hand, this was the Blue Planet, belonging to the people of the Blue Planet.

They were all invaders!

All the invaders should have come from different planets in the universe.

Or rather, it was what they said: a realm.

There were definitely strong and weak forces with so many factions out there.

Since there were strong and weak, there should be checks and balances.

In addition, there was another force…

This power was not weak.

They were the Divine Halls after arriving on the Blue Planet!

Since they called themselves Divine Halls, they must be related to the Heavenly Gods.

Then, he looked at the level of soul cultivation.

From level one to level nine.

Above that were God Apostles.

God Messenger.

God’s believer.

God’s messenger!

As for the feudal official guarding the Dragon Spirit Kingdom’s Sea Conqueror Province, Gold Spear’s level was Rank Two.

He was the peak of God Apostle!

At this realm, he could become a feudal official of an entire province.

Then, what level would the king of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom be?

Lin Chen guessed that the lowest was Rank three, and the highest was Rank four.

Weak God level.

This was already the limit.

Then, would the Divine Hall be the power to check and balance these invaders?

There was a protection method similar to that of the colonists that did not allow invaders to harm the people of the Blue Planet?

Or to put it another way, it was a very crude principle since ancient times: to be a bitch and also act proper!

In short, Lin Chen’s analysis of how the Dragon Spirit Kingdom treated him and the White Elves’ treatment of Ice Snow City made him guess many things.

Because of this, Lin Chen began negotiations with Mo Yi.

“You’re quite smart, but don’t think that we really don’t dare to attack you.”

Mo Yi said in a low voice, “We can also defend ourselves and counterattack. As long as we make the scene like this so that the Divine Hall can’t find out, it’s fine. But now, I want to tell you that I’ll help you suppress all the Bosses gathered in the monster nest and reduce their abilities by 50%. This is also a big gift from me to you.”

“A free gift?” Lin Chen asked.

“Of course.” Mo Yi nodded.

Lin Chen suddenly laughed out loud, making Mo Yi very puzzled. When Lin Chen was almost done laughing, he looked at Mo Yi and said, “You’re not from the Blue Planet, so you probably don’t know that there’s a saying on our Blue Planet: Free is the most expensive!”

Mo Yi frowned slightly.

It seemed like she was digesting Lin Chen’s words.

After a long while, Mo Yi revealed a rare smile and said, “That’s right, you’re very smart! But I can tell you that this free meal is actually not expensive. What we want is that if this matter is leaked in the future, you can prove for us… that I, Her Highness Mo Yi of Ice Nation, have discovered the abnormality of the beast tide and personally went down to help you suppress it!”

“That’s all?”

Lin Chen clearly could not believe Mo Yi’s words.

“It’s a good thing for a Celestial to be suspicious, but be careful not to exhaust other people’s patience. Now, I’ve changed my mind! At most, I’ll help you suppress the remaining Bosses in the monster nest for an hour! In this hour, you’ll have to rely on yourself to kill and devour as many monster souls as you can.”

With that, Mo Yi turned around.

Then, she raised her hand without hesitation.

She formed a hand seal with both hands.

Soon, the seal enlarged infinitely and enveloped the entire valley!

“I’ve already isolated us from the spiritual detection of the outside world. Don’t worry, the people above can’t see me because I have the Astral Cloak.”

Mo Yi reminded Lin Chen, “I’ll start suppressing it now. You only have an hour… Of course, you can also suspect that I’m lying to you and tricking you into entering the valley to be eliminated by the Bosses. Whether you want to go in or not is up to you!”

Mo Yi’s words made Lin Chen frown.

To be honest, he really couldn’t believe Mo Yi.

Therefore, Lin Chen actually suspected that this was a trap Mo Yi had set for him.

Moreover, Lin Chen had been relying on devouring the souls of the Bosses to improve himself. This seemed to have been discovered by the beautiful Elven Princess in front of him.

In the end, Mo Yi also said it bluntly.

This made it difficult for Lin Chen to judge.

In fact, Lin Chen subconsciously did not want to judge so much.


Lin Chen wanted to become stronger!

Also, he wanted to preserve Ice Snow City!

Therefore, even if it was a dragon’s lair or a tiger’s den, he had to try!

He had originally planned to enter the monster nest alone.

“Even If There Are Ten Million Enemies, I Will Go!”

Lin Chen made up his mind.

Then he took a step forward.

When Lin Chen took this step, Mo Yi’s eyes lit up again. She seemed to be a little surprised, but at the same time, she began to take action again.

She took out a flag and a set of Dharma artifacts.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Dharma artifact and the flag enveloped the periphery of the entire valley.

Then Mo Yi closed her eyes.

Her appearance also returned to that of a white elf, and she began to chant.

Her voice seemed to be filled with magic.

It was like a pious prayer.

It was also like… the low mutterings of a prophet!

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