Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 50 - Chapter 50: Fighting the Boss Directly, Lin Chen Goes Crazy Killing!

Chapter 50: Fighting the Boss Directly, Lin Chen Goes Crazy Killing!

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Level 6 array!

Lin Chen’s eyes revealed a trace of shock.

Although the array was only at Level 6, and it could not compare to Lin Chen’s Level 9 God Slaying Array…

However, don’t forget that this was the wilderness.

She could casually take it out and instantly set up a Level 6 array. Even a “rich man” like Lin Chen could not do such a thing.

Was Lin Chen a ‘rich man’?


Before the game invaded, he used loans, online loans, borrowing money, and so on. In addition, he used QuickTok to sell goods in the later stages to cash out all his popularity. Then, he invested all his money into the game where prices plummeted.

The total investment was about 40 to 50 million.

According to the depreciation of the prices of the game at that time, this number was actually a thousand or even ten thousand times that amount!

It could be seen that at the peak of New World, Lin Chen had invested 400 to 500 billion yuan to buy items and even supplies in the game.

However, even so, Lin Chen was still lacking in materials for array formations.

The reason for this was because of the special nature of arrays.

He did not want to create low-level array formations because they were not very useful.

As for arrays above Level 5, how much resources would be consumed?

For example, this time, Lin Chen had asked the inheritors of Ice Snow City to set up the array formation. It was really a critical moment of life and death. They had to use these special methods.

In fact, Lin Chen could also create two sets of Level 3 and 4 array formations with the materials in his backpack.

However, what was the use of a Level 3 or 4 array formation?

That could only deal with some Bosses below Level 100. At most, it could suppress some Level 120 monsters.

As for high-level array formations, Lin Chen did not have enough materials.

Currently, Lin Chen had only collected one Sacred Magic Stone for the God Slaying Array.

There were also seven other necessary treasures, namely the Geng Metal Essence, the Wind-Suppressing Bead, the Hidden Thunder Staff, the Stone Energy Crystal, the Water Repelling Pearl, the Elven Wood, and the Lightning Crystal Ball. In addition, he still needed 81 Level 9 Array Flags.

Just these array flags alone made Lin Chen almost use up all the array materials that Zhang Chunlin’s studio had bought for him.

This was a huge investment.

After all, a grade-9 array flag required many low-level array flags to be combined.

Of course, when the array was completed, its power was also huge.

The God Slaying Array was known as the God Slaying Array. It might really be able to kill gods.

Level 9 arrays consumed a lot of resources, but Level 6 arrays also consumed a lot of resources.

Lin Chen saw that Mo Yi’s array formation was centered on the Elven Wood.

This was also a material he needed.

Lin Chen needed a total of eight core materials for this Level 6 array formation!

Lin Chen vaguely remembered that before the prices of New World items decreased, the price of a piece of Elven Wood was worth three to four million gold coins, which was more than three million yuan.


It was because materials like the Elf Wood could support the energy consumption of a Level 6 array formation.

A Level 6 Array Formation was enough to suppress a Level 150 Boss!

Speaking of which, the highest Boss in the game was only Level 100 at first. It was only released to Level 120 later on. Take the Chaos of the Heavenly Palace dungeon for example. Who would be so rich as to use a piece of Elven Wood and spend millions in one go just to suppress the Boss?

This was also the sorrow of array masters.

But that was in the game.

Now, all of this had become reality.

In harsh reality, you would have to be willing to spend money.

Unless you were not afraid of death!

At this moment, Lin Chen no longer hesitated.

He knew that although this white elf Mo Yi always looked cold, and that her words and the actions of the white elves were enough to make him hate her, since she had taken out the elven wood, it meant that she was not lying to him.

The monster nest was very huge.

However, the first thing Lin Chen saw after entering was a flood dragon entrenched at the highest point!

This was already a Boss that exceeded Lin Chen’s understanding.

Lin Chen had only reached Level 120 in New World. He had never seen a Boss like the Eastern Divine Dragon in all kinds of expansion packs… Although Lin Chen had never seen the Eastern Divine Dragon so far, he had seen the Flood Dragon now.

Legend had it that snakes turned into flood dragons after five hundred years.

This creature was clearly very powerful!

Lin Chen’s scalp went numb!

However, at the thought that Mo Yi’s array formation would reduce the attributes of the flood dragon by 50%, Lin Chen was not so afraid.

“I’ll deal with you later!”

Lin Chen muttered in his heart.

He looked at the few Ox Demons that had been squeezed into a corner of the monster nest.

‘Good God!’

These were all Level 130 Bosses!

However, in this valley, they could only sit at the children’s table.

There were a total of ten of them!

However, they were all curled up in a corner of the valley.

“It’ll be you guys first!”

Lin Chen was very cautious.

What if Mo Yi, this elven woman, was lying?

He would not take the risk easily by attacking the flood dragon immediately.

He would definitely pick a few soft persimmons and experience them first.

Lin Chen aimed at the target.

Then, his entire figure turned into an afterimage.

Quickness activate!

His speed would be close to a thousand yards per second.

Then, it was Enchanted Half Moon Slash!

Coincidentally, these Ox Demons were all gathered together.

He would hit ten of them at once!

Just this skill alone made Lin Chen reveal a surprised expression…

Were Ox Demons so weak?

It seemed that Mo Yi’s 50% attribute suppression not only suppressed the monsters’ attributes, but also weakened their defense. This was because Lin Chen’s attack had actually made the ten Ox Demons take a total of more than 6 million damage!

Each Ox Demon Boss lost 650,000 HP!

And their current HP was only two million.

It was equivalent to Lin Chen’s Enchanted Half Moon Slash cutting off 32.5% of the HP of ten Level 130 Bosses!

At the same time, Lin Chen also discovered something…

Enchanted Half Moon Slash was very powerful, but it was not a bug at all. It could not even be used as an area of effect skill because Lin Chen’s target this time was ten enemies.

The damage value had changed.

There was no longer variable damage, but fixed damage values that were shared equally by ten targets.

Then the nature would completely change!

This meant that Lin Chen still had to continue accumulating attributes!

Fortunately, the final damage calculation was multiplied by a basic target number, which was five.

In other words, the damage dealt by Lin Chen’s attack was 204,000 for both attacks. Coupled with the skill damage coefficient of 6.8 times damage and the basic number of damage effect of 5, it was about 7 million damage.

In the end, after deducting the defense reduction, the enemies received six million damage.

This was also the damage that Lin Chen’s Enchanted Half Moon Slash should have dealt when hitting five targets at the same time.

Think about it.

If this time, Lin Chen did not attack ten Ox Demons but five, would the health of these five Ox Demon Bosses decrease by 60% then?

Therefore, Lin Chen felt that it was better to continue attacking with single target skills.

He immediately chose an unlucky Ox Demon, and used a skill.

Lin Chen did not even plan to use the Forbidden Spell.

He planned to use them when dealing with the flood dragon.

Now, he used Super Slide Kick. Coupled with the Strengthened Sucker Punch and Enhanced Sneak Attack, Lin Chen had actually thought of complaining about the names of these skills that fought dirty and sounded like hoodlum skills.

Forget about Slide Kick and Sucker Punch. Enhanced Sneak Attack sounded very ordinary.

But it was still considered good.

At the very least, it was not too ridiculous.

Ling Xiaoya, the Electric Mage, also had a Forbidden Spell.

Five Lightning Whips!

It was really a forbidden spell.

Moreover, this skill was very powerful.

Of course, if Lin Chen wanted to learn, he could learn it too.

After all, he was a Celestial.

The suppression of Mo Yi’s level 6 array was indeed powerful. This also reminded Lin Chen of his God Slaying Array.

That one was even stronger!

As long as he was within the range of the array formation, not only could he suppress his opponent, but he could also increase his strength!

At this moment, Lin Chen wanted to end the battle quickly.

He quickly reduced the health of an Ox Demon to 30%. Facing the Ox Demon Boss’s Flurry skill, Lin Chen could not be bothered to escape. He chose to fight head-on!

When the Ox Demon fell, Lin Chen’s HP also decreased to about 90,000.

However, it did not matter. His HP was still very healthy.

He devoured the soul of the Ox Demon and his experience points had reached 88,000!

He moved on to the next one.

At this moment, there were also some monsters in the monster nest who saw what was happening in this corner.

Some monsters even roared, looking very irritable.

However, the flood dragon was indifferent.

It did not even look up!

It completely ignored them.

Seeing that the flood dragon did not move, the other monsters continued to lie down and wait.

They seemed to listen to the orders of the flood dragon.

Lin Chen naturally did not stand on ceremony and killed three Ox Demons in a row.

His soul realm had finally reached the eighth level!

At this moment, Lin Chen did not have time to check his attributes.

He only knew that all his attributes had increased.

His attacks became sharper and sharper.

However, Lin Chen’s health was also decreasing.

This was because he had almost always tanked the Ox Demon’s Flurry skill to kill them.

Although he was a Celestial, Lin Chen did not have any healing skills. However, this did not matter. When there were still four Ox Demons in the corner, Lin Chen did something silly… He hit every Ox Demon Boss to 50% health.

Then, Lin Chen used Enchanted Half Moon Slash, and the four Ox Demons began to use Flurry simultaneously.

At this moment, Lin Chen did not escape. Instead, he activated the Bloodthirst skill of his equipment.

Bloodthirst (Gem skill, can be embedded with weapon-type equipment). After activation, you will obtain the effect of lifesteal for 30 seconds. 20% of normal attack damage and skill damage will be converted into your HP. Mana Cost: 300, Cooldown: 5 minutes!]

Five minutes of cooldown!

However, it could give Lin Chen 30 seconds of lifesteal.

Just like that, Lin Chen endured the damage output of the four Ox Demons’ Flurries. Because the Ox Demons had their attributes suppressed by 50%, their damage values did not exceed 40,000. Lin Chen kept using his attacks to steal HP and quickly recovered his HP.

He forcefully survived the ultimate skills released by four Level 130 bosses!

If anyone saw Lin Chen’s magnificent feat, they would definitely be very shocked.

In fact, at this moment, Mo Yi’s beautiful face was filled with disbelief…

Lin Chen had gone crazy killing!

As everyone knew, all classes with high damage output were definitely fragile!

However, how did Lin Chen become a DPS that could withstand such attacks?

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