Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 54 - Chapter 54: Lin Chen’s Ambition

Chapter 54: Lin Chen’s Ambition

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Ice Snow City.

At this moment, the monster siege had already reached the 6oth wave.

During this period, no Boss appeared for a long time.

Everyone was puzzled.

At this moment, four Level 130 Bosses, the Mountain Devouring Crocodiles, arrived.

Everyone perked up.

They hurriedly prepared to face the enemy.

However, Snow Foam and Ling Xiaoya looked behind the Boss worriedly.


They did not find Lin Chen!

“What’s going on?”

“Where’s Lin Chen? Could it be that…


“Impossible, definitely not!”

Ling Xiaoya looked like she was about to cry.

Seeing this, Snow Foam also sighed.

If something really happened to Lin Chen and he couldn’t come back, it would definitely be disastrous news for all the people on the Blue Planet.

But at this moment, a figure with wings appeared in the sky.

“What are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to kill monsters?”

Lin Chen’s voice sounded from above.

“Lin Chen!” Snow Foam revealed a happy expression.

“Wow, I knew it…”

Ling Xiaoya’s worry immediately turned into joy.

At this moment, Lin Chen had already started fighting with the Mountain Devouring Crocodiles.

This time, there was no Mo Yi to help suppress the boss’s attributes.

In the sky, there were still white elves monitoring.

Lin Chen had already made up his mind…


He had to run!

What a joke. This was the White Elves’ territory.

You extorted their princess in their territory. If you didn’t run now, when will you?

“I’ve already cleared most of the monsters in the Boss’s nest. There are only these Mountain Devouring Crocodiles and two Two-Headed Pythons left. I’ll get rid of these four Mountain Devouring Crocodiles. Then, I’ll run away to the Dragon Spirit Kingdom.”

Lin Chen did not explain much to Snow Foam. While fighting the Boss, he leaned in front of Snow Foam and said softly.

Lin Chen was about to leave.

Moreover, he even used the words run away.

This naturally made Snow Foam think of many things…

Why was Lin Chen going to run away?

Ling Xiaoya, who was at the side, did not think too much. When she heard that Lin Chen was leaving, she shouted, “You have to take me with you!”

“Alright, I can bring you along.”

Lin Chen had brought her here. Now that he wanted to escape, he naturally could not leave the young lady behind.

Moreover, she was his fan, a little fangirl.

Although Lin Chen was a little dense, he had brought the young lady over from thousands of miles away and couldn’t leave her behind. This behavior was no longer a matter of being dense.

It was a matter of character.

Lin Chen did not think that he had a good character. After all, before the game descended, he had taken online loans and borrowed money without any intention of repaying. However, Lin Chen also did not think that his character was bad.

Moreover, bringing a little loli was easy for him.

Snow Foam whispered, “Why will you run away?”

“Hehe, I extorted the princess of Ice Nation, for a piece of Elven Wood! It’s fine as long as you know what to do. Don’t reveal it. If she thinks that you’re in cahoots with me, it might not be good for you.”

Lin Chen instructed, “After I kill these four Bosses, I’ll retreat. There are only six Mountain Devouring Crocodiles and two Two-Headed Pythons left. You should be able to deal with them with the array formation. I have to escape when those White Elves are not paying attention.”

“Alright! Lin Chen, thank you so much this time.”

Snow Foam also said to Lin Chen, “After the monsters siege concludes this time, we will be recognized by the Ice Nation. In the future, we will be a member of the Ice Nation, and they will have no reason to target us… But I think that just this is probably not enough. If the Ice Nation wants to make things difficult for us, there should be many opportunities!”

“We can only take things one step at a time. You have to improvise.”

Lin Chen’s opinion of Ice Snow City’s future situation was similar to Snow Foam’s.

Ice Snow City was indeed having it difficult.

That was because the country they were in was the White Elves’ country.

Sky Moon City was still in a human kingdom, after all. Even though the ruler of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom was an outsider and the people in Sky Moon City were all natives of the Blue Planet, at least everyone’s race was the same.

Snow Foam and everyone in Ice Snow City were from a completely different race from these White Elves.

Moreover, in New World, elves were the most xenophobic race among all the races.

Therefore, the situation in Ice Snow City was indeed a little awkward.

“My suggestion to you is that in the future, when Ice Nation announces that you have become legal citizens, you have to choose a faction to get close to and rely on that faction to develop. I think that Princess Mo Yi of Ice Nation is actually a good person. I mean, she looks cold, but she’s actually very innocent… Hehe.”

There was a hidden meaning in Lin Chen’s words.

What did innocent mean?

She was just easy to deceive!

“You suddenly smiled so wretchedly. Don’t tell me you did something shameful to the princess?” Snow Foam couldn’t help but imagine.

“Don’t think too much. I just scammed her out of a piece of Elven Wood.”

Lin Chen hurriedly explained. After all, Snow Foam and Liu Mengyao had a good relationship and he could not let her misunderstand anything. However, Lin Chen also explained, “When the time comes, you can deliberately use me to see if you can try to join this princess. If you succeed, it shouldn’t be a problem for Ice Snow City to establish itself in Ice Nation.”

As they chatted, Lin Chen’s hands were not idle.

Currently, he was about to reach Level 150.

His soul cultivation had also reached Level 9.

Facing these Level 130 Bosses, it was a one-sided slaughter.

A few random skills could reduce all of them to critical HP.

“I think… what if I just give you the position of City Lord?”

Snow Foam suddenly spoke.

She also saw that the current Lin Chen was extremely powerful.

‘Good God!’

Against a Level 130 Boss, the Mountain Devouring Crocodile, he was like an adult beating up a child?

With such strength, Snow Foam could not help but have more thoughts. She continued, “In the past, weren’t there guilds that could occupy several cities in the game? You’re the Sky Moon City Lord and now the Ice Snow City Lord. I think this doesn’t conflict at all.”

“You’re thinking too much.”

Lin Chen shook his head and said, “There’s no problem with me being the city lord of two cities. The key is that we’re not in the game anymore. In the game, different countries in different regions won’t interfere too much with the players. But now, it’s reality. Do you think Ice Nation and Dragon Spirit Nation will acknowledge my identity as a dual citizen of two countries?”

Snow Foam’s thoughts were indeed a little simple.

Of course, it was not that she was innocent. It was just that she did not know as much as Lin Chen.

For example, from his conversation with Mo Yi, Lin Chen could guess that although the Ice Nation and the Dragon Spirit Nation were neighbors, their relationship was actually not good. They were even on guard against each other.

With such a background, Lin Chen would definitely not be able to become the City Lord of the two cities.

“I think you can work hard… I’ve caught all the souls of these four Mountain Devouring Crocodiles for you. Swallow them directly and quickly cultivate to level five. With some strength, you can protect Ice Snow City. In the future, when we find an opportunity, let’s see if we can build a kingdom that belongs entirely to the people of the Blue Planet!”

At this moment, Lin Chen began to reveal his ambition to Snow Foam.

There was a famous saying from a senior: A man lives in the world. How can he stay under others for a long time?

Lin Chen did not want to be someone else’s pawn forever.

If this game invasion of the Blue Planet was a conspiracy or a game between gods, Lin Chen hoped that he could become a chess player.

Therefore, Lin Chen planned to help some good friends like Snow Foam.

Just like back then, before the game descended, when Snow Foam saw Lin Chen bringing the goods and was about to sell the Mage Divine Set, she did not hesitate or bargain and directly supported Lin Chen for three million…

At that time, three million was equivalent to a large amount of game resources for Lin Chen. It was equivalent to tens of billions of gold coins now. Lin Chen could be considered to have given Snow Foam something in return.

In addition, if Ice Snow City could establish itself in Ice Nation, it could better realize Lin Chen’s ambitions in the future!

Moreover, the current Lin Chen could not increase his soul cultivation experience by much by devouring the souls of these Level 130 Bosses. It was a waste. It was better to maximize the benefits.

What he needed more now was experience points.

However, after returning to Sky Moon City, there were still many Bosses around that Lin Chen could kill.

After discussing with Snow Foam, they saw that the array here was ready. There were still three chances for the Boss to come out of the monster siege. There were only two Two-Headed Pythons and six Mountain Devouring Crocodiles left in the Boss’ nest.

There were a total of eight Bosses, and they had to be sent out in three batches. At most, there would be three Bosses at a time.

With the hundreds of people here who had inherited the game abilities and the array formation, they could completely deal with it.

Then, Lin Chen began to run away.

He brought Ling Xiaoya along and took advantage of the opportunity when the monsters attacked to fly south in the chaos.

Soon, the two of them ran thousands of meters.

Lin Chen was too fast!

Currently, he had even activated Quickness.

When the two of them reached the Yellow River, a pursuing airship appeared in the sky.

Lin Chen had good eyesight and immediately saw Mo Yi standing on the airship.

Hence, Lin Chen sped up again.

The airship kept chasing, but it was obvious that in terms of speed, Lin Chen was not inferior to others.

He was not slower than an airship.

He had actually shaken off Mo Yi’s pursuit.

“Hmph, this liar!”

Mo Yi stood on the airship, speechless.

In fact, if the airship went at full speed, its speed could still exceed a thousand yards per second, but that would require a professional to control it. Mo Yi was ashamed and did not want other elves to know that she was chasing a human like this, so…

She had chased after him alone in the airship.

In the end, she could only watch as Lin Chen disappeared without a trace.

When she arrived at the border checkpoint, Lin Chen was nowhere to be seen.

“Did someone come out of the checkpoint just now and go to the Dragon Spirit Kingdom? A man and a woman,” Mo Yi asked the general guarding the pass.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Mo Yi got her answer.

Then, she arrived above the checkpoint.

Outside the checkpoint was an endless plain.

However, there was no sign of Lin Chen…

“Lin Chen!”

Mo Yi clenched her fist and punched the stone beside her.

At this moment, she also realized that she had been tricked by Lin Chen..

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