Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 53 - Chapter 53: Lin Chen and Mo Yi’s Deal—Each With Their Own Plots!

Chapter 53: Lin Chen and Mo Yi’s Deal—Each With Their Own Plots!

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Mo Yi gave Lin Chen an hour.

There was not much time left.

Twenty minutes to go.

Lin Chen gave it a try. It should take about ten minutes to deal with these Fire Ravens.

This had to be done.

Who asked Fire Raven to be a pushover?

Previously, Lin Chen could solo the Fire Raven Boss. Now that Lin Chen’s level had increased to Level 140, there was no longer the boss’s level suppression. On the contrary, Fire Raven’s attributes were also suppressed by Mo Yi’s array formation by 50%.

They were even easier for Lin Chen to kill.

After all, he was currently possessing three pets.

Ten minutes later, the eight pitiful Fire Raven Bosses were all killed after forcing out Lin Chen’s Bloodthirst skill twice.

Lin Chen’s soul cultivation had also reached the ninth level.

His strength had increased again!

[Lin Chen]

[Class: Celestial]

[Level: 145]

[EXP: 500 million / 10 billion]

[HP: 202,500]

[Mana: 301,387]

[Magic Attack: 241,110]

[Physical Attack: 241,110]

[SPD: 772.87 yards per second]

[Soul Cultivation: Level 9]

[Soul Experience: 10,000/300,000]


[Possession Status: 3]

[Possession Bonus: Mythical+45%, Epic+40%, Epic+40%]

[Constitution: 3750+1875 (+125%)]

[Spirit: 8,930+4,465 (+125%)]

[Strength: 8,930+4,465 (+125%)]

[Agility: 4,580+2,290 (+125%)]

Both attack stats exceeded 240,000!

His HP also exceeded 200,000.

The current Lin Chen could no longer be judged by level alone.

This was because his growth speed was extremely fast.

It was too fast!

His soul cultivation had reached the ninth level!

Above that was the God Apostle realm!

Of course, he still had to experience a small realm in between…

Perfected Level 9!

This was also an opportunity to increase his attributes.

Then, there was the God Apostle realm.

However, after reaching the God Apostle realm, his cultivation would probably be very slow.

This was because Lin Chen’s soul cultivation was too fast. If he kept devouring the souls of these monsters, there would definitely be some negative effects. Kong Yan said that it might produce inner demons, but Lin Chen did not feel any signs of them growing.

On the other hand, Lin Chen’s attacks were indeed more fierce and ruthless than before.

Although he did not sense the inner demons, Lin Chen encountered another cultivation problem… Soul Experience Suppression!

What did that mean?

According to the cultivation system, if Lin Chen wanted to reach the God Apostle realm, he had to at least reach the First Rank or even the Second Rank.

However, the current Lin Chen was still 35 levels away from entering the First Rank after Level 180!

Therefore, after Lin Chen killed the first six Fire Ravens and advanced to soul Level 9, the soul experience provided to him by the two Fire Raven Bosses had been reduced by half!

The two of them together only gave him 10,000 soul cultivation experience points.

This was because of Lin Chen’s level suppression.

Of course, even if Lin Chen did not continue to level up now, he could still continue to level up by killing Bosses.

However, the efficiency had changed!

Originally, you could level up by killing 30 Bosses. Now, you had to kill 60.

Moreover, they were Level 140 Bosses!

Although Lin Chen could kill them, it was not easy to find so many Bosses.

Lin Chen did not want to do work that did not benefit him.

In the remaining ten minutes, Lin Chen locked his target on the two Two-Headed Pythons.

A Level 150 Boss!

Now, their attributes were even suppressed by 50%.

In fact, they were about the same as a Level 130 Boss without suppressed attributes.

With Lin Chen’s current attributes, it was not difficult to kill him.

In fact, the process was a little easier.

Lin Chen had devoured the souls of the two Two-Headed Pythons, and his soul experience had increased by 20,000.

A Level 150 Boss only added so little.

If not for the level suppression, there would definitely be more than this.

Lin Chen’s level had increased by another three levels.

A Level 150 Boss was higher than Lin Chen, so the EXP was still quite a lot.

However, even so, it could not keep up with Lin Chen’s soul cultivation.

Lin Chen cleaned up the spoils of war.

Level 140 crafted equipment design blueprints X40!

Level 150 crafted equipment design blueprints xio!

A large number of gold coins (100,000 gold coins) x 10!

Dazzling soul crystals X20!

Level 140 top-grade equipment appraisal talisman X5!

Level 150 top-grade equipment appraisal talisman X3!

Fire Raven’s feathers X20!

The complete Two-Headed Python Skin x2!

Two-Headed Python’s Poison Fangx4!

Hidden Thunder Staff xi!

He had gained a lot. Most importantly, the Hidden Thunder Staff had also appeared.

Currently, Lin Chen had already collected four of the key materials for the grade-9 array formation: the Sacred Magic Stone, the Hidden Thunder Staff, the Stone Energy Crystal, and the Water Repelling Pearl.

Just these four materials alone would be worth more than ten million yuan if they went back half a month before New World announced that it would stop service.

From this, it could be seen that if Lin Chen had bought a city in New World and wanted to set up the God Slaying Array, he would have spent at least 20 million yuan…

20 million!

In the formerly prosperous Blue Planet, no matter which game he charged that much money in, he would be a big shot.

However, in New World, this was the cost of an array!

However, the array was indeed powerful.

A ninth rank array was capable of “slaying gods.”

It was still a little scary.

It could be understood that once the God Slaying Array was successfully set up in Sky Moon City, Sky Moon City would be equivalent to a country possessing nuclear weapons back before the game invaded the Blue Planet…

It would be a powerful deterrent.

Its attack power was also absolutely powerful.

However, materials were still a problem.

Currently, Lin Chen was still short by four materials.

Geng Metal Essence, Wind-Suppression Bead, Elven Wood, Lightning Crystal Ball.

At this moment, Lin Chen walked out of the Boss’ nest the moment Mo Yi’s array ended.

The two of them met.

Lin Chen saw that Mo Yi had returned to her white elf appearance.

To be honest, it was impossible not to be stunned!

The key was that not only was the White Elf beautiful, but her figure was also perfect…

“I’ve done everything I can to help you.”

Mo Yi looked at Lin Chen and said, “Not bad. Your soul has reached Level 9, but unfortunately, you’re too greedy and rash. Raising your soul level so quickly without caring about the consequences will cause your foundation to be unstable… Alright, you’re from the Blue Planet. I almost forgot that your attributes are very stable. You don’t have to care about your foundation at all.”

“No, we care too. And our foundation is combat experience.”

Lin Chen countered Mo Yi’s words.

“Perhaps! However, if you continue to devour souls like this, your inner demon will probably be incomparably powerful in the future. Can you survive it?” Mo Yi’s question was not out of concern for Lin Chen. Instead, there was a faint mocking tone in her tone.

Lin Chen was not angry. Instead, he said with a smile, “There’s nothing I can do! Now that the people of the Blue Planet are in a life-or-death situation, if I don’t become stronger, I’ll be looked down on by some fellows who have invaded our planet and are still boasting shamelessly. Therefore, who cares if I develop inner demons in the future? What I want is to become stronger now!”

“You…” When Mo Yi heard this, she felt that she had underestimated the man in front of her.

Lin Chen’s expression suddenly changed. He said coldly, “When I was dealing with the flood dragon, you sent me a voice transmission on purpose, didn’t you? You didn’t say that the flood dragon would immediately activate the Flood Dragon Break if its HP was lower than 30%, right? Elf Princess, I want to tell you that our previous deal doesn’t count!”

“What do you mean?”

Mo Yi said coldly, “You’re breaking your promise… Do you really think we can’t kill the people of the Blue Planet with our own hands?”


However, Lin Chen was not afraid at all. He even opened his hands and said, “If Your Highness wants to attack, then do it now. My HP is not high enough, so I should be easy to kill… However, other than being from the Blue Planet, I’m also the City Lord of the Sky Moon City of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom. As the City Lord, I’ve also been officially recognized by the Dragon Spirit Kingdom. Your Highness, you haven’t thought about a certain something, right?”

“What is it?” Mo Yi was surprised.

She could not remember what she had overlooked.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up. She looked at Lin Chen and asked, “By the way, you’re also a City Lord, but now, you’ve rushed all the way to Ice Snow City. Could it be that your Sky Moon City doesn’t need you to resist the beast tide?”

“As I said, I’m officially recognized as the City Lord by the Dragon Spirit Kingdom! Therefore, the Provincial Lord of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom’s Sea Conqueror Province, Gold Spear, will send an army to help my Sky Moon City suppress the beast tide for ten days. They will give us ten days to develop and level up. In fact, in these ten days, we can even take the initiative to kill the surrounding monster Bosses. As long as we get rid of them, it’s very likely that Sky Moon City will not have the beast tide!”

Lin Chen told the truth.

He was telling Mo Yi the full situation.

At the same time, it could be considered a threat to Mo Yi!

First of all, he was from the Blue Planet.

They were invaders. Although Lin Chen was not sure if there was any agreement that invaders would not kill the natives of the Blue Planet, he guessed that there was. Therefore, his identity could be considered a protective umbrella at this moment.

However, this umbrella was not safe. It might even leak… If Mo Yi was really forced into a corner, she might still attack.

At this moment, Lin Chen used his status as the City Lord of Sky Moon City.

Moreover, it was the status of the City Lord recognized by the Dragon Spirit Kingdom!

It was equivalent to saying that Lin Chen had already obtained the recognition of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom. He was already a citizen of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom and could even be considered an official of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom.

Could the Ice Nation casually kill him?

What would the consequences be if she killed him?

Actually, Lin Chen was borrowing the power of a tiger to intimidate others.

However, Mo Yi was clearly stunned. After weighing the pros and cons, her eyes turned cold, and her tone turned cold as well. “What do you want?”

“I want elven wood. Ten pieces!”

Lin Chen was demanding an exorbitant price.

It was extortion!

It was a blatant extortion.

“In your dreams. I won’t give you a single piece!”

“So there’s no room for negotiation?”

“Hey, stop right there… At most, I’ll give you one!”

“At least two pieces. Otherwise, when I go back, I’ll tell the upper echelons of the Dragon Spirit Kingdom what happened here truthfully. Please wait and see what happens then, Your Highness!”



Mo Yi was clearly angry.

Then, she threw a piece of Elven Wood to Lin Chen.

“Just one piece, but it’s not enough, my princess,” Lin Chen said with a smile.

Mo Yi said angrily, “I only have this one on me. After the monsters finish attacking the city, follow me to the Holy City of Belland and I’ll give it to you!”

“Alright, Your Highness. I’ll definitely go with you!”

Lin Chen responded with a smile.

However, in fact, Lin Chen was already planning how to escape.

One elven wood was enough.

Why would he really go to the Holy City of the White Elves with this princess?

Wouldn’t that be making things difficult for himself?!

Lin Chen was not stupid!

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