Chapter 8

The attributes of both pets were very powerful!

One had to know that they were only Level 35.

However, the Vermillion Bird’s magic attack had already exceeded 10,000.

This was extremely terrifying.

Generally speaking, magic-type pets could only exceed 10,000 Magic Attack after level 50.

However, the Vermillion Bird was Level 35 and had exceeded it.

The stegosaurus’ HP was also terrifying.

It could be said that it was very difficult for Level 35 players to kill the Stegosaurus.

It also had terrifying HP regeneration.

“Next time we enter the instance, let’s not fight. Let the two pets kill the monsters.”

Lin Chen said half-jokingly.

Next, it was time to open the chest.

Lin Chen had always been rather unlucky, so he naturally let Liu Mengyao open the chests.

Among the three chests, there was one that gave off a different light. Opening this box that gave off a different light could be said to be a publicly recognized operation by the treasure hunters. Liu Mengyao knew it too and went up to open the box.

Following Liu Mengyao’s selection, the other two treasure chests disappeared.

Then, Lin Chen saw what was inside the treasure chest.

Gold Coins*100

[Exquisite Cotton*1]

10,000 Year Black Iron*1

Spirit Gathering Powder Recipe*1

Earth Spirit Pill*1

Apart from gold coins, cotton cloth and black iron were materials for handmade equipment. They were not expensive and could be bought cheaply. Liu Mengyao could use the formula for the Spirit-gathering elixir, but it was used to recover mana in battle and had no other uses.

On the other hand, pets had a chance of leveling up their skills after eating the Earth Spirit Pill. Lin Chen fed it to the Vermillion Bird, raised the Flame Beam to Level 2, and increased the damage coefficient to 0.3. Then, he continued excavating maps.

The next few maps did not have a treasure dungeon.

The things they dug out were only some cotton and black iron. It could be said to be very unlucky. Lin Chen smiled and said, “This is the New World I’m familiar with. It’s so stingy!”

“Continue excavating. There’s bound to be a dungeon, right? It’s almost the tenth map.”

Liu Mengyao was in high spirits.

Sure enough, it was a dungeon again.

This time, Lin Chen wanted to see the strength of the Vermillion Bird, so he didn’t bother to attack.

This Treasure Dungeon was Level 50.

However, the Vermillion Bird instantly killed a monster with a Flame Beam.

“As expected of a divine bird!” Liu Mengyao laughed.

On the other side, her Stegosaurus was not inferior either. After charging forward to be beaten up, it roared and many monsters focused on attacking it. In the end, not only did this guy rely on its innate skill to recover health, it even continuously triggered the Roar effect and continuously reflected damage.

With two pets working together, they could clear the area.

Even the last Level 50 Boss was taken down by Lin Chen with a single Wind Blade.

The Vermillion Bird and Stegosaurus had both reached Level 39.

They could comprehend skills again.

“The Divine Beast Pill is for you.”

Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao traded items.

Then, they each fed their pets.

“This time, it’s an A-level skill, Bloodthirsty Rush.”

Liu Mengyao immediately informed Lin Chen of the skill’s effects, “Use 100 HP per second to enter the surging state. Increase speed by 5 times!”

The Stegosaurus was actually not slow. It was much faster than the Vermillion Bird. After all, the Vermillion Bird was a artillery-type damage output pet. However, the Stegosaurus was much slower than Lin Chen the Wind Mage.

Lin Chen’s speed had reached 20 yards/s!

What kind of concept was this?

In the game, Lin Chen only needed four seconds to run a hundred meters. He did not even need five seconds.

In a battle, this kind of speed could provide great help, so this was the advantage of wind magic… Wind magic was not the strongest damage output class among magic classes, but it was definitely the class with the strongest life-saving ability among magic classes!

After all, the wind technique had skills that could even allow Lin Chen to fly in the air and increase his speed by ten times.

Now that the Stegosaurus had this skill, its speed was already faster than Lin Chen if he didn’t use any skills.

On the other hand, the Vermillion Bird had awakened another forbidden spell: Sun Scorch!

[Sun Scorch: The Vermillion Bird spits out a 100-meter-long flame that lasts for 10 seconds. Deals x0.75 magic damage per second to all enemy targets in the area. During this period, the Vermillion Bird can adjust its direction. Cooldown: 1 minute. Can be upgraded!]

The current Vermillion Bird had already reached Level 50.

The magic attack reached a terrifying 30,000!

Now, the Vermillion Bird had the ability to fight a Level 70 boss. It could even fight a Level 80 Elite monster!

This was the power of Extraordinary pets!

This time, the treasure chest contained three sets of top-grade cotton cloth and five sets of ten-thousand-year-old black iron. There was also an array blueprint behind it.

Unfortunately, the blueprint was a beginner one.

It was also a protective array.

Generally speaking, only private houses in the game would use that.

Lin Chen put it away.

Then, he continued excavating.

At the same time, Zhang Chunlin handed over another ten Divine Beast Pills. At two in the afternoon, the treasure maps were finally used up. The Vermillion Bird had also reached Level 80, and two more skills had been awakened.

[Vermillion Bird]

[Owner: Forest Dawn]

[Quality: Mythical]

[Overall Growth Rating: SS+]

[Level: 80]

[Constitution: 1600]

Strength: 800

[Spirit: 2400]

[Agility: 800]

[HP: 32,000]

[Physical Attack: 2800]

[Magic Attack: 48,000]

[SPD: 20 yards per second]

[Talent Skills: Nanming Primordial Fire, Scorching Heaven and Earth, Nirvana Rebirth]

[Epiphany Skill: Flame Beam (SSS) Sun Scorch (SSS) Divine Spell Mastery (SSS) Flame Shockwave (SSS)]

[Divine Spell Mastery: Increases all skill damage by 20%, reduces all skill mana consumption by 20%, and has a 50% chance of not depleting mana when casting spells, and a 30% chance of recovering 5% of mana after using skills.]

[Flame Shockwave: After chanting for five seconds, the Vermillion Bird will fire a stream of flames in a specific direction, dealing magic attack*2 damage to the target. Cooldown: two minutes. Can be upgraded!]

The 48,000 magic attack was not far from Lin Chen, who was wearing a full set of divine equipment.

Moreover, there were also four SSS skills. Among them, Divine Spell Mastery not only increased the damage of all the skills, but it also completely resolved the problem of the Red Bird’s mana.

It could be said that the current Vermillion Bird had already grown into a pure DPS artillery.

In addition, the 200 Supreme treasure maps also allowed Lin Chen and Liu Mengyao to dig up a bag of equipment crafting materials. There were also 20,000 gold coins and various blueprints… As for the Eternal Crystal that Lin Chen wanted, he did not get a single one.

It could only be said that it was very unlucky!

However, there was also something that made Lin Chen happy. The only time he opened a treasure chest, he actually obtained a book!

[Encyclopedia of Talismans: Receive 10,000 proficiency points after reading it and familiarize yourself with various talisman making methods.]

To Lin Chen’s sub-class, this was simply an existence that reached the heavens in a single step!

Lin Chen immediately read the Encyclopedia of Talismans. 10,000 proficiency points allowed him to be promoted to an array master directly, and a third-grade array master at that!

“Let’s go back to the city.”

Lin Chen immediately called Liu Mengyao back to Sky Moon City.

The reason why he came back here was because…

This place was private territory.

To put it bluntly, this place could be sold for anything. Players would buy anything.

This included the entire Sky Moon City!

Lin Chen planned to buy this city!

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