Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 90 - Chapter 90: Killing Another God Apostle, Lin Chen Goes Crazy Killing!

Chapter 90: Killing Another God Apostle, Lin Chen Goes Crazy Killing!

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Lin Chen killed a God Apostle with a single strike.

At Soul Level 9, he overcame a much higher God Apostle Realm!

The other party was even a mid-stage God Apostle.

Such a magnificent feat was enough to shock everyone present!

However, other than shock, there was also another person who was feeling negative emotions.

Sword Silk.

Lin Chen had avenged her parents!

She should be happy now.

However, she seemed to have collapsed and started wailing.

Her crying also attracted Lin Chen’s attention.

Originally, Lin Chen’s attention was on Water Ente.

He had already killed Fire Ant.

He had completely made an enemy out of the Fire Family!

Previously, Lin Chen had wanted to see if he could reconcile with the Fire Family.

Now, there was no room for negotiation.

However, since Lin Chen wanted to obtain the Sword Heart of the Primordial Sword Spirit, he had to stand on the same side as Sword Silk. Therefore, Lin Chen was already mentally prepared for this outcome.

It was fine to kill Fire Ant.

Back then, Lin Chen was not as powerful as he was now. He did not give in to the De Family even so.

How could it be so easy to survive in the new era?

Therefore, if he was forced by needing to survive… then he was willing to kill his way out!

In terms of killing people and monsters, Lin Chen had always been decisive.

Killing one was killing.

No matter how many he killed, he would still kill!

He was not a bloodthirsty person, but there were always people he had to kill.

For example…

The third-generation descendants of the Fire Family.

Lin Chen had killed Fire Ant.

And now, they were still surrounding the crying Sword Silk.

Heaven’s Secret was in his hand.

Lin Chen appeared beside Sword Silk almost instantly.

In the next moment, he attacked the four Fire Family members.

Super Slide Kick.

Strengthened Sucker Punch.

Enhanced Sneak Attack.

Finally, he attacked with a normal attack.

The four third-generation members of the Fire Family were all seriously injured.


Lin Chen spoke.

Sword Silk, who had stopped crying, raised her head and looked at Lin Chen.

“These people looked down on you and insulted you many times, right?” Lin Chen asked.


Sword Silk nodded.

“Do you hate them?” Lin Chen asked.

“1 do!”

Sword Silk hesitated for a moment.

However, she still gave a strong answer.

Why wouldn’t she hate them?

If it was her in the past, the answer would probably not be like this.

In the past, Sword Silk was definitely obedient.

She was the kind that was so sensible that it made people feel she was pitiful!

However, people would always change.

The current Sword Silk had become stronger.

It was also obvious that she had become stronger.

So why wouldn’t she hate these people who had bullied her since she was young?

“It’s good that you hate them.”

Lin Chen nodded in satisfaction.

If she still said that she did not hate them, Lin Chen would probably shake his head.

This meant that Sword Silk’s temperament was not enough.

As a Sword Servant, if she could not be ruthless when it was time, she would not be qualified.

However, it was obvious that Sword Silk, as the successor of the Sword Servant, was qualified.

She had said that she hated them!

Lin Chen said, “Then now, you have a chance to resolve your hatred. Do you want to do it yourself, or do you want Master to help you?”

This time, Sword Silk fell silent.

It was easy to say the word ‘hate’.

But now, it was murder.

These were two completely different concepts.

However, Lin Chen also gave her a choice.

Whatever she wanted to do was up to her.

Should she do it herself or let Lin Chen do it?

“Master, I’ll do it myself!”

Sword Silk stood up.

She raised her hand and unsheathed her sword.

“Little b*tch, how dare you…”


Sword Silk no longer hesitated.


In killing, one’s temperament would be honed.

Fire Justice died.

Next was Fire Phoenix.

This time, Fire Phoenix did not dare to scold anyone. Instead, she begged for mercy. “Silk… I, I’m your cousin. We’re family!”

While begging for mercy, Fire Phoenix was still clutching Sword Silk’s pants and begging.

Sword Silk remained silent and did not attack.

She only looked at Fire Phoenix with pity.

Lin Chen did not look over.

At this moment, he had already noticed Water Ente walking over.

“Stop. Let me bring them out! Perhaps this conflict can be resolved… You know that this is our Water Family’s territory. I can guarantee you that after we leave, the Water Family will definitely not allow the Fire Family to find trouble with the two of you. Furthermore, we can discuss the ownership of this Secret Realm again.”

However, his hands were not idle.

A Water-type spell was already being prepared.

“Do you think I’m an idiot?”

Lin Chen sneered.

The cooldown time for the skills was up.

The next moment, he activated a Forbidden Spell.

Seven Stars Energy Gathering!

At the same time, Lin Chen’s Enchanted Half Moon Slash slashed at Water Ente.

“Forbidden Spell, High Virtue Like Water!”

Water Ente spoke.

He raised his hand and shot out a water ball.


The water ball was directly cut open by the Enchanted Half Moon Slash.

However, at this moment, the broken water ball turned into flowing water vapor and wrapped the two of them in a huge ball made of water vapor.

In this ‘spherical ball’, water vapor flowed everywhere.

Lin Chen’s movement speed was reduced.

“Forbidden Spell, Storm Force Field!”

Lin Chen sneered. “Do you think you’re the only one with a buff spell?”

When the impression of the Storm Force Field appeared, Water Ente’s expression changed.

His High Virtue Like Water could change the battlefield environment. But wasn’t the Storm Force Field the same?

Now, it was great!

Water Ente had indeed slowed Lin Chen down.

However, Lin Chen’s storm force field also slowed him down.

Lin Chen’s Storm Force Field also had the effect of accelerating.

Water Ente did not!

The Water Family was naturally close to water-type cultivation techniques.

Which water-element cultivation technique would increase speed?

Forbidden Spell, Star Power Burst!

Lin Chen had already marked Water Ente, followed by a Super Slide Kick.

Water Ente cast another water-type spell…

His entire body seemed to be enveloped by water.

When Lin Chen’s Slide Kick arrived, the water suddenly froze.

Lin Chen’s Slide Kick hit the ice.

The ice was damaged, and cracks appeared on its surface.

At this moment, Lin Chen picked up Heaven’s Secret.

Sword Qi Rampage!

A sharp sword qi slashed at the thick ice.

Water Ente shouted, “Ice Seal, continue!”

He was reinforcing the ice.

At the same time, Water Ente was filled with regret…

Where did this monster come from?

He thought that Fire Ant was too weak.

Who would have thought that this guy who did not even reach First Rank was too strong!

He was ridiculously strong!

He, Water Ente, was a middle-stage Rank One God Apostle, but he was actually suppressed the entire time!

Until now, he had not been able to retaliate.

How could this do?

He had to counterattack!

However, every time Water Ente had this thought, he could not help but think of Fire Ant’s tragic state…

His entire body was split open.

Even his soul was devoured…

Water Ente could not help but feel a little timid.

This way, he was even less in the mood to resist.

On the contrary, there was only regret… He regretted why he still wanted to save Fire Ant. Why didn’t he choose to turn around and retreat immediately?

“Your strength is indeed powerful. You can even overcome the difference of the God Apostle Realm at the Mortal Realm! However, no matter how strong your ability is this time, I’m afraid you won’t be able to escape. Now, there are people from the Water and Fire Families outside. If you still want to kill, aren’t you afraid that your soul will be devoured when you go out?”

Water Ente relied on the fact that his ice shield was still there and continued to try to persuade Lin Chen not to continue attacking.

However, Lin Chen was not a fool.

At this moment, could he believe Water Ente’s words?

Even if Lin Chen believed him, who was Water Ente?

Could he guarantee that the Fire Family won’t pursue the matter of him killing Fire Ant?

Who did he think he was!

Lin Chen responded to Water Ente with a skill…

Sword Qi Rampage!


Lin Chen shouted.

The sword qi struck the ice shield.

Then, the ice shield completely shattered.


Water Ente was shocked!

Why was this person’s sword qi so powerful?

With his soul cultivation, level attributes, and skill proficiency, it was impossible for the ice shield to be so fragile!

In the next moment, Lin Chen charged at him with Heaven’s Secret.

“Ten Miles of Ice!”

Water Ente spoke again.

“Forbidden Spell, Seven Stars Energy Gathering, Instant Shadow!”

Lin Chen almost instantly teleported in front of Water Ente.

At this moment, Water Ente was still in a daze…

He could not understand it.

What was going on?

Lin Chen was someone not even at First Rank and not at God Apostle soul cultivation, right?

However, how could he have so many forbidden spells?

How many were there already?

Ten Thousand Swords Return to One.

Star Power Burst.

Seven Stars Energy Gathering…

That made three of them.


Storm Force Field!


Now, you can regret not escaping back then.”

Lin Chen’s cold voice sounded.

Then, he used a Slide Kick!

Water Ente was sent flying.

His HP had been reduced by 12%!

In the next moment, a sword light flashed behind Lin Chen.

“Instant Shadow!”

Lin Chen instantly arrived behind him.

Seven Stars Energy Gathering also dealt damage!

However, Lin Chen teleported again.

In this way, Lin Chen jumped seven times in a row. Moreover, each time, he used Water Ente as the center. Seven teleportations meant seven times of damage. Although the damage value was very low, Water Ente’s health was only left with 8o%!

Water Ente was in complete despair.

He realized that as a water mage, he could only be beaten!

Because he could not touch his opponent at all.

“Forbidden Spell, Ten Thousand Swords Return to One, it’s over!”

When Lin Chen teleported behind Water Ente again, his cold voice sounded again.

Then, he raised Heaven’s Secret with both hands.

He raised it high.

It slashed down ruthlessly!

Just like when he had killed Fire Ant with a single strike…

The scene replayed again.

The victim this time was Water Ente.


Water Ente was in despair.

He could not withstand this sword either.

Lin Chen reached out and grabbed Water Ente’s soul.

“Let me go, please…” At this moment, Water Ente could no longer think of a reason to beg for mercy.

Did he need a reason to beg for mercy?

Of course!

However, he could not find a reason. He could only beg.

Lin Chen devoured his soul without hesitation.

At the same time, Lin Chen also said, “Sorry, compared to living people, I still feel that the dead can guard my secrets better… If I kill all of you, the people outside will still not know what happened inside. If anyone else comes in from outside, I’ll just kill them again!”

At this moment, Lin Chen looked like a crazy war god.

He had really gone crazy from killing!

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