Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 91 - Chapter 91: Lin Chen Makes a Breakthrough, Powerful Attributes!

Chapter 91: Lin Chen Makes a Breakthrough, Powerful Attributes!

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Water Ente was gone.

He didn’t even leave a corpse behind.

Lin Chen turned around, with his facial expression well-managed.

It wasn’t the first time.

In his calm state, he looked straight at Sword Silk.


The cold light of the sword shadow fell.


There was a scream.

Fire Phoenix’s heart was pierced by a sword.

“Beg me, hehe… I’ve never begged you, so 1 don’t owe you anything.”

“Back then, you insulted me and mocked me. You even… hit me.”

“Then why should 1 let you go now?”

“Why should I not hate you?”

“I’ll feel better if I kill you.”

Sword Silk’s voice was very cold.

However, she was indeed a real loli.

There was a contrast between her coldness and her loli appearance.

When she was happily taking revenge, Lin Chen even felt that there was actually an indescribable beauty on her at this moment… Soon, Lin Chen retracted his gaze.

He didn’t want to look anymore.

“F*ck, why do 1 feel that something is wrong after killing too many monsters and enemies?”

Lin Chen warned himself.

All of this was for survival.

It was others who did not give the people of the Blue Planet a way out first!

How many people had died on the Blue Planet on the day of the game invasion?

As for Lin Chen…

Until now, how many people had he even killed?

Soon, Sword Silk completed her revenge.

All the intruders in the Secret Realm were dead.

It was just her and Lin Chen.

Sword Silk found Lin Chen, who was resting at the side, and wiped the blood on her sword.

“Thank you, Master…”

Sword Silk looked at Lin Chen, who was squinting.

The latter turned around and said, “What are you thanking me for? As a master, it’s my duty… I’ll rest for a while and continue to light up the stone statues when 1 get up later. The Fire Family and Water Family are definitely still waiting outside. If we go out, it’s equivalent to courting death.”

With that, Lin Chen fell asleep.

Sword Silk looked at Lin Chen with a faint smile on her cold face.

Then, she lay down at the side.

In her daze, she seemed to have seen the dead in the Secret Realm turn into undead…

But she wasn’t afraid.

What was so scary about a dead spirit that had just died?

Vaguely, a red shadow flashed past.

Then, everything returned to normal.

When she woke up again, she realized that Lin Chen was already in front of a stone statue.


Sword Silk called out softly. It did not matter to her if she did not receive a response. Instead, she did not disturb Lin Chen. However, she had a good memory and realized that Lin Chen had lit up more than 20 stone statues!

There was no end to the stone statues of the sword tomb.

“So many stone statues…”

Sword Silk wanted to help her master do something, so she slowly walked towards the end of the stone statues.

As she walked, she was still counting. “333… Uh, is that all?”

In front of her was a huge staircase.

“Why 333 stone statues?”

Sword Silk did not quite understand. She slowly walked up the steps.


Suddenly, Sword Silk’s shoulders sank.

Her entire body seemed to have suffered a huge pressure, and her body bent.


At this moment, Sword Silk looked very uncomfortable, and she insisted on raising her head, but she could not raise it no matter what…

What was in front of her?

She felt it was quite regrettable.

However, she could not see anything.

After enduring for a while, she felt like she was about to lose all her strength.

Sword Silk could only give up.

Then, she watched as Lin Chen lit up the stone statues.

When Lin Chen opened his eyes again, he smiled at her and said, “As expected, sword principles all have key points in common. It’s all thanks to your Ten Thousand Swords Return to One that 1 figured out some key points. Now, 1 can already follow the first stone statue to the stone statue behind it and deduce the sword moves of the next stone statue… Look, I’m very fast!”

Lin Chen was very happy.

It was the 149th stone statue.

It was still an easy pass.

This was because Sword Silk had used the sword technique she had just comprehended to enlighten Lin Chen on the 100th stone statue. At that time, Sword Silk had used the forbidden spell—Ten Thousand Swords Return to One that Lin Chen had learned from her after clearing the 100 stone statues!

Once he figured it out, he figured them all out.

Lin Chen seemed to have found a pattern.

To put it bluntly, his rule was simple!

The law of positive and negative.

For example, First Sword Technique, Birth of Ten Thousand Qi.

Second Sword Technique was: Traceless Sword Shadow.

33rd Sword Technique returned to: Ten Thousand Qi Extermination!

What did that mean?

It was simple.

Every 33 swords was a cycle.

Therefore, when it reached Sword 100, it corresponded to: Traceable Sword Shadow.

Traceable Sword Shadow was also a move of the 34th Sword Technique.

However, after the fourth cycle, which was the 132nd Sword Technique, a new cycle began.

Lin Chen was not unhappy because of this.

Instead, he was very happy!



This meant that it might be another forbidden spell!

During this process, Lin Chen comprehended some more sword moves…

Although these sword moves did not form skills that belonged to him,


Lin Chen could still use them.

It was just that when used, there was no dual attack damage bonus. The power would appear ordinary, similar to the concept of a normal attack.

But it was enough.

The more sword techniques he accumulated, the better!

At the same time, it could also allow Lin Chen to sharpen and understand his sword techniques to a deeper level.

“If you’re hungry, eat these pills.”

Lin Chen gave Sword Silk some pills to solve the problem of her hunger.

“Master, don’t be anxious. There are still many stone statues behind. There are a total of 333… Why are there 333?” Sword Silk was a little puzzled..

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