I Can See Through All Information

I Can See Through All Information


172 Chapters Ongoing Status


Reborn as a poor young man in an unknown mountain village in another world, Lu Qing expressed his helplessness.

Fortunately, he awakened a power that could see through item information, which gave him some capital to survive.

He looked at a weed on the side of the road.

[Ox bone grass is of average quality and can be used medicinally. It is quite effective in treating bone injuries. 】

Look at the red carp in the river.

[Red Moon Carp is of high quality, with delicious meat, and is a top-quality nutritious food. 】

Look at a hare in the mountains.

[Gray rabbit, common hare, edible. 】

Relying on his own supernatural powers, Lu Qing gradually established a foothold in the village and was able to survive.

Just when he thought that he would spend his life peacefully in this ancient world with low productivity.

One day, he suddenly saw a figure flying past in the sky…


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