I Can View Character Attributes

I Can View Character Attributes


458 Chapters Ongoing Status


Travel through parallel worlds and gain the special ability to view the attribute panel.

At the first try, Xia Xu was almost blinded by the luxurious attributes of a little transparent girl in the class.

[Name]: Tang Youxin

[Life Rating]: 1

[Fate and Potential]: Allure (5 stars), Vanves (5 stars)

Well, it is said that love at first sight is all about seeing pleasure, but someone in Xia swears that my love at first sight started entirely with talent and saw the inner beauty of small transparency.

However, there seems to be something wrong with this parallel world that looks little different from the earth…

Xia Xu looked down at his attributes:

[Name]: Xia Xu

[Life Rating]: 1

[Fate and Potential]: [Supporting Role: “Hunter”]


“Am I a supporting role?”

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