Shock! The Real Daughter Made the Transmigrator Girl Cry

Shock! The Real Daughter Made the Transmigrator Girl Cry


224 Chapters Completed Status


In her last life, Jiang Changning discovered that she was a fake daughter when the real daughter she had never met came to meet the family. Because of Jiang Luojin’s schemes, everyone’s treatment towards her in Hou’s mansion turned bad.

Mother Jiang: You are the one who caused my A Luo to suffer so much!

Brother: A Luo is your younger sister, what’s wrong with leaving the marriage to her? You owe her all this!

Fiance: The only one I love in my heart is A Luo, and it’s all because of your wishful thinking, Jiang Changning, you will never be a humble person!

The betrayed Jiang Changning died on the day Jiang Luo got married.

Once she woke up, she found that she was back in time when Jiang Luo came to

introduce herself. And she suddenly can hear the conversation between Jiang Luo and the “system”.

The other party has been robbing her luck through this system!

The only thing that can counterattack this is the Banquet King who saved her in her previous life!


Banquet King: What are you doing? Stop hugging my thigh!!!

Jiang Changning: It’s just… very comfortable!

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