The Golden Elixir is a Star. Do You Call This Cultivating Immortality?

The Golden Elixir is a Star. Do You Call This Cultivating Immortality?


390 Chapters Ongoing Status


My name is Qi Yuan, I am a time traveler and became the senior brother of Qise Peak.

I have a game jade slip that can connect to the heavens.

My eyes can see hidden information.

[This is an ordinary grass, but three days ago, Lord Kumu and Empress Dashang had a tryst there. 】

[Her name is Ruan Yixi. She may be your beautiful master on the surface, but she may actually be your wife. 】

[This is the way of heaven in the world, and it is the best spiritual creature to build the foundation of the way of heaven. 】

[This is a planet without life, maybe it can be refined into your golden elixir. 】

As a result, my path to immortality gradually became strange.

“Tiandao? Isn’t this the spiritual creature that builds the foundation of Tiandao?”

“There are so many desolate planets, let’s refine them into golden elixirs!”

Build the foundation with the way of heaven and refine the stars into golden elixir.

My name is Qi Yuan, the origin of all things!

My name is Jiang Lingsu. I joined Qise Peak with an ulterior motive. My senior brother has a problem with his head.

He doesn’t do his job properly, doesn’t like to practice, and is addicted to simulation games.

Senior Brother said, “Games are cultivation, and games can also create the world.”

One day, there was an extra sun in the sky.

I asked the senior brother what it was.

The senior brother said: “That is my golden elixir!”

This book is also called “Cultivation of Immortality: The Heavens in Jade Slips” and “The Golden Pill I Knotted is the Planet”.


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