The Villain Is Super S*xy

The Villain Is Super S*xy

The Great Villain Is God At Teasing The Villain, he is super flirtatious 反派他超会撩人[快穿]

22 Chapters Ongoing Status


Su Jingxuan has been the villain cannon fodder for countless lifetimes, and finally one day he got the opportunity to turn over₁ and become who takes the mission to help the cannon fodder counterattack.

Since then, his greatest wish is to f*ck over the group of damn halo protagonists and find his lover to live a bullish and happy life.

So…… All the people who stand in the way of his wonderful wishes are big bastards who should be pulled out and chopped up to death.

Cannon Fodders: Let’s go up together and hack this little bastard to death first!

A certain man: Who dares?!

Cannon Fodders (silence): . . . . . .

1 | – Change his fortunes

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