In order to suppress the Gu worms in her body, the old man specially drew an amulet for her to wear, and taught her the art of exercising ghosts. Since Shi Mu was still young, there were no other alternatives but for her to be a jack of all trades.

She was brought back to the city after her grandfather passed away a few years ago. Life in the city made her very uncomfortable, and her classmates at school looked down on this “hillbilly”.

When she returned home, there were still her excellent brother and sister who gave her more pressure. Whenever Shi Mu made a mistake, her parents would always compare her with her perfect younger sister.

She had lived with her grandfather since she was a child, and she only saw her parents a handful of times. Shi Mu, who already had complaints about her family, had a complete change in character. She chose to corrupt herself by skipping classes and fighting all day long, or being friends with gangsters.

Just yesterday, she made a bet with her classmates that she would sacrifice her virginity for Fu Yunrui, so she exploited tuition lessons to lure him to the hotel.

Shi Mu was startled. This, isn’t this the plot of Strange Records of the Night’!?

‘Strange Records of the Night’ was an intense comic of the suspense and horror genre, which tells the story of the male protagonist solving and investigating crimes, defeating villains and reaping love.

This comic had a smooth painting style and a touching plot. The female characters were beautiful. At the beginning, the person who recommended it to her sneakily said that she would definitely like it, but later she found out that she was cheated because the female villain in it had the same surname and given name as her.

The female villain had a great temperament, with big breasts and a thin waist. All the men who had seen her wanted to spend the night with her. However, what these men did not expect was that they were just the female villain’s medicine to maintain her life and beauty…

Afterwards, the female villain fell in love with Fu Yunshen, the sworn enemy who opposed the male protagonist in the plot. Unexpectedly, Fu Yunshen did not like her, so the female villain who stumbled felt aggrieved, and killed his twin brother Fu Yunrui for revenge.

Thinking of the tragic ending of the female villain, Shi Mu shivered. “You, you never said I would come to this kind of place, are you kidding me?”

Now that she is still young. When she continued growing, her physical desire would become stronger, and men would also be attracted to her involuntarily.

The system fragilely said, [It’s better than being a lonely ghost, right?]


I might as well be a lonely ghost.

“Can, can I back out?”

[Sure.] Shi Mu breathed a sigh of relief.

The system also said, [According to Article 888 of the contract, if the host voluntarily breach the contract, you will have a sudden death, and your soul will forever be in the cycle of suffering. ]

“……I’m just kidding.”

It is satisfied, [I am not that unreasonable. Now, you can choose one of the following two tasks to complete.]


[One: Let the boss Fu Yunshen become your servant, live and die for you, and fall in love with you.]

Shi Mu frowned: “What about Er?”

[Two: Become good friends with the boss Fu Yunshen, and join hands to build a path of socialist development.]

Shi Mu did not hesitate: “I choose 2.”

[Are you sure you don’t want to continue thinking about it?]

Shi Mu looked determined: “2 it is.”

The female villain in the plot was so seductive, but still did not manage to get Fu Yunshen. She did not think she ccould seduce him either. Besides… Fu Yunshen has a mental illness if I remember correctly, and does not like to meet girls very much.

[Congratulations to the host for accepting the main task, I wish you a happy day.]

“Wait a minute.” Shi Mu stopped him, “How does it count as a completed task?”

[You can check it in the task panel.]

Task panel? A blue light flashed down, with a few lines of words floating on it.

Main task: Become sworn brothers with Fu Yunshen and kowtow with him.

The current sibling value: 0. (Need to reach 1,000,000)

Only when it reaches one million can it be considered complete.

…It feels so difficult.

She wrinkled her nose and scratched her messy hair sadly. On an unfamiliar street, a black car slowly stopped beside her, the window slid down, revealing a small part of his delicate cheek.

“Get in.” The young man’s voice was cold, with imperceptible alienation and indifference.

Shi Mu turned her head to look, feeling a little dazed. Shi Li, her brother. The driver got out of the car and carefully opened the back door. She bit her lip and got in slowly.

The car drove into traffic again, and the car was silent. She put her hands flat on her thighs, and carefully glanced at the boy beside her from the corner of her eyes.

Shi Li was weak, with a thin body. His eyes were clear and cold, and he was not stained with dust. Sensing the line of sight, the boy looked over.

After looking at each other for a few seconds, there was a hint of mockery in his eyes. “I heard you went to bed with someone?”

Shi Mu was taken aback, how did he know??

“Who did you hear that from?”

“It is all over the house, it’s hard not to know.” Shi Li sneered.



Ok??? He just said… Wait… Where did the rumours go?

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