Shi Rong felt a little jealous. Her facial features were better than her sister’s. The disadvantage was that her skin was darker and she was too short. She was not as tall as Shi Mu looked.

Noticing that she was still staring blankly over there, Shi Mu was a little impatient. “Are you still leaving?”

“I’m going, no one cares about you.” After snorting, Shi Rong turned and left angrily, and closed the door behind her. She withdrew her gaze and entered the bathroom.

The hot water gently washed away the fatigue of her body, Shi Mu removed her heavy makeup, and looked at herself carefully in front of the mirror.

The girl’s facial features were sharp and beautiful. She had a pointed chin, a high nose bridge, thick eyebrows, slightly raised eyebrow tails, slender peach blossom eyes, and thin pale pink lips.

After growing up, some people commented that Shi Mu was the best in Lingcheng. Whether it was a business politician or a high-ranking official, they all wanted to pick her beauty, but what they got in exchange was no flesh and blood.

Shi Mu pulled down the hair on her forehead, a section of black hair had grown out of the dyed red hair, which looked a little unsightly. She dug in the drawer to find the scissors, and cut the messy hair clean. After washing away, the girl with short crew cut looked like a cold and unruly young girl in the mirror.

After taking a shower and getting out, the mobile phone on the table vibrated. The WeChat message indicated that it was Fu Yunrui.

[Fu Yunrui: Shi Mu, are you okay? ]

[Fu Yunrui: Actually, I didn’t tell my mother that my bank card was bound to her mobile phone number, and she knew about it when I made the payment…]

[Fu Yunrui: I really didn’t say anything. Twilight? Are you angry? ]

[Shi Mu: How much was the room fee?]

[Fu Yunrui: 248, why are you asking this? ]


Shi Mu looked at the change, and there was 48 yuan left, just enough for a small change. She was not favored, so naturally they didn’t apply for a bank card for her. Usually, her parents gave her pocket money.

Putting down her phone, Shi Mu came to Shi Li’s room. After knocking on the door a few times, he opened the door slowly.

Shi Li had already changed out of his school uniform. He wore a simple and clean white shirt and casual shorts. His figure was thin and straight.

When he saw Shi Mu at the door, his eyes flashed with surprise. The two were brother and sister, and they looked alike. Now that Shi Mu shaved off her long hair and stood in front of him, it was like looking in a mirror.

She stretched out her hand directly: “Transfer me 200 yuan through WeChat, and I will pay you back later.”

“Repay?” He raised his eyebrows, “What do you have to pay back?”


Shi Mu’s face was ugly: “I can pay it back. Are you going to give it or not?” He sneered and closed the door with a bang.

Through the door, Shi Mu gave him the middle finger, and trotted back upstairs. At the same time, the mobile phone received the transfer record.

[Shi Li; I’ll give you 250, no need to pay it back. ]


Why does this person owe so much?

Shi Mu transferred the still warm 250 to Fu Yunrui.

[Shi Mu: 250 for you, no need to pay it back.]

[Fu Yunrui:? ? ]

However, Shi Mu had already deleted him as a friend.

In the dead of night, all the people in the Shi family were asleep, only the small light in front of Shi Mu’s window was lit dimly. She couldn’t sleep, her mind was clearer than ever.

Although I have picked up a life, I have to face many troubles. First of all, the aptitude of this body is rather strange. When she grows to 18 years old, the uninhibited Charm Gu will control her unscrupulously. At that time, her desires will reach their climax.

In the original plot, the female villain did not hesitate to attack her own brother in order to survive. Thinking about it, she became insane. Shi Mu frowned and looked worried: “System, what should I do if I want a man?”

System: [Then you want it.]

Shi Mu: “But I also want integrity.”

System: [You already have men, what more morals do you need. ]


…It made sense, she already had a man… Also… No, no, no, she is a good young woman, she can not be fooled by a man’s chest muscles!

Shi Mu grabbed two handfuls of hair. Charm Gu wants the energy of a man. To put it bluntly, it is Yang Qi. The reason why she needs it so violently is because her body is Yin, and it is too weak to support it. But if her body gets better, and her yang energy is full, she could make Mei Gu eat and drink enough. Then it would naturally not have the energy to torment itself.

She stroked her chin gently: “System, what do you think will happen if I become a man?”

[system:? ? ? ?]

Shi Mu looked serious. “You can still be happy brothers with Fu Yunshen.”

[system:? ? ? ? ?]

The system’s calm electronic voice finally became a little frightened: [Host, you… are you going to change your gender? ]

Shi Mu wanted to change her gender, but unfortunately it was not easy to implement.

In Strange Records of the Dark Night, the female villain was a heartthrob, Overlord Flower. Even if she stood still, there would be countless men supporting her.

There will be no scum left after being eaten, even if it is for my own life, I must try to protect myself. Shi Mu made up his mind and said, “Hey, you’re so smart, can you change my gender directly?”

She felt that there was nothing wrong with her logic and it was feasible.


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