It was obvious that the Shi family really wanted to get rid of her as the withdrawal procedures had been done quickly, and sent to the hotel together with the bank card containing 150,000 dollars.

Surprisingly, it was Shi’s mother who came to deliver the items.

They met at the coffee shop opposite the hotel. The stylishly dressed woman indifferently placed the document bag on the table and took out a contract.

“Shi Mu, sign this.”

She opened it, and inside was an agreement. The main content of the agreement was for her to give up the property inheritance rights of the Shi family. In other words, it was a contract to disown her.

Shi Mu signed on it without hesitation.

“This is from your father. There are 150,000 dollars in it. Also, the 50,000 to 60,000 dollars left by your grandfather is in your bank account.”

Her household was registered under her grandfather, and now that her grandfather has passed away, only her name was left on it. Shi Mu, who was lonely and wretched, came to a strange place.

Shi Mu took the things and left without even looking at her mother.

Through the glass window, Shi’s mother saw her daughter’s slender and stubborn back. A feeling of sadness suddenly surged in her heart, which was then replaced by joy and relaxation. From then on, there was no scourge in the family. Without her as a threat, their family would live a very good life without worrying or being disturbed or sleepless.


The account name of the bank card they gave was still under Shi’s father. Shi Mu went to the bank to apply for a new card, transferred all the 210,000 dollars in it to the new card. Then, she got a high performance mobile phone and phone number. It represents the beginning of a new life.

After leaving the business hall, Shi Mu went to the nearby commercial street to shop.

Today was Monday, and the streets were not as crowded as before. Shi Mu first bought a few sets of clothes, all of which were men’s clothes that were loose and did not show her figure, and then went to the lingerie shop on the street. In the brightly decorated shop, various styles of women’s bras and underwear were lined up on both sides. She looked around and looked down at her flat breasts that could not fit an A sized bra cup. So, she went to the sports undergarments section without hesitation. Several sets of tube tops and camisoles in light colors were selected on the rack.

The salesperson looked at her and asked softly, “Are you buying it for your girlfriend?”

She has a small crew cut, with some uneven layers, revealing sharp features, glistening black eyes, a straight nose bridge, thin lips slightly pursed into a straight line, the appearance of a teenager with the soul of an adult, and a slightly thin body which made her look like a college boy.

Shi Mu nodded and her eyes flickered, “Do you have boxer briefs?”

She was in the stage of changing her voice. Her voice was clean and soft which made it indistinguishable from male and female.

The salesperson was stunned.

Shi Mu said again, “I’m wearing it.”

The salesperson led Shi Mu to the men’s section. She chose several pairs of black and striped boxer briefs, all of which were one size larger. After buying the underwear, Shi Mu frankly walked into the sex toys shop at the corner of the street.

It was daytime, and the shop was empty. The shop owner was smoking a cigarette and looking at a photograph magazine with his legs crossed. When he caught a glimpse of someone coming in, he stereotypically asked, “What do you want?”

Shi Mu did not speak, and walked directly behind the shelf.

Among the full of sex toys of various styles, Shi Mu directly took down two rectangular boxes with the words: wearable dildo, adjustable simulation, size M.

“Checkout please.”

“488 dollars.”

“It’s too expensive. Give me a discount.”

The boss blew out a smoke ring: “You fucking want a discount for this thing? I’ll sell it to you for 480 dollars.”

Shi Mu did not say much, just paid the money, carefully hid the things at the bottom of the bag, and went out to go home.

On the bustling streets, Shi Mu, who was carrying two big bags, walked lazily.

Across the street, a young man who was with his classmates suddenly stopped. His eyes looked over the sea of people, and accurately fell upon her.

“Yunrui, what are you looking at?”

Fu Yunrui retracted his gaze and smiled lightly: “It’s nothing, I thought I saw someone.”

The classmate groaned, and then changed the subject, “Do you know hat Shi Mu dropped out of school?”

His smile faded away with his eyebrows lowered, and he hummed for a moment.

The classmate did not see that Fu Yunrui was depressed, and continued, “It’s a good thing for that kind of person to drop out of school. It’s scary to see her and a group of gangsters guarding the school gate every day after school…”

Fu Yunrui did not speak any more, and silently hugged the exercise book in his hand.


As soon as Shi Mu was back at the hotel with many bags, she collapsed on the bed exhausted after walking for a day.

After resting for a while, she opened her eyes, “System, can you forge an identity for me?”

System: [?]

Sensing the bewilderment in the system, Shi Mu said, “I need a new identity to enroll in the Yingnan High School, and become brothers with Fu Yunshen.”

The system simply agreed: [I can do that, but it would take a 1000 brotherly points, do you want to do it?]


This system turned out to be a usurer, right? How wicked!

The system said with a little satisfaction: [You can also find an underground company to do it. Though the interest is low, the risk is high. Although the interest here is high, I can guarantee that there will be no you want to think about it? Give you a discount so it’ll only cost you 998 brotherly points.]

Shi Mu gritted her teeth, and said one word cruelly: “I’ll take a loan!”

What it said was correct. Although it is possible to fake identities outside, mistakes are inevitable. The system was a bit tricky, but it could guarantee safety.

“How long will it take for the new identity to be completed?”

The system said: [I will help you regenerate a new character data which would take about seven days.]

Seven days…

In other words, she can learn to be a man within a few days.

Shi Mu’s spirit immediately recovered, she got up and pulled the curtains. She took off her clothes and stood naked in front of the floor-to-ceiling mirror.

Under the light halo, her body was reflected in it. It was really undeniable that the child’s breasts were absolutely flat, with only bones and skins in her body. She was even weaker than Shi Li.

She suddenly remembered the female villain in the comics. After there was no man to sustain her life, the charms in her body began to suck her own flesh and blood crazily. In just a few days, that stunning woman turned into an ugly skeleton. Thinking of that horrible scene, Shi Mu secretly made up her mind not to become like that no matter what.

After Shi Mu finished wrapping her breasts, she rummaged through the bag to find the fake penis she just bought. The size M she bought was the smallest, which fit her age well. After unpacking it, Shi Mu put it on without blushing and heart skipping.

There was a small button on the side of this thing, which was used to adjust the degree of expansion and contraction. She tried to pinch it with her slender fingers. The simulated product feels cool and real to the touch, and there is a trace of sensuality. So, she adjusted the button to the highest level again, and after watching the thing stand up slowly, even the cheeky Shi Mu felt a little embarrassed.

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