Staring at that unrestrained back, Shi’s mother gritted her teeth and gave him a hard pinch: “Why did you give her money? Didn’t you see that that little scourge just wanted to suck your blood?”

Shi’s father was a little annoyed: “Who will call their own daughter a scourge. Please mind your words.”

“Why should I mind my words?” Shi’s mother burst into tears, “Did I say anything wrong? Ever since she came, I was constantly in fear that she might do something. If you’re reluctant to part with this daughter, you and her should go together.” When Dad was disturbed by the noise, he frowned and went out, not wanting to say a word to his wife.


Shi Mu had few things, so she packed a few clothes casually, then lay down on the ground, and pulled out the box under the bed.

The box was covered in dust, apparently it hadn’t been opened for a long time. She wiped off the dust and carefully opened the lock. Inside were grandpa’s relics, books, and a messy talisman paper incense burner.

Several of them are about the art of Qimen Dunjia, the bottom one is “Lingfulu ” and “Ghost Exorcism” drawn up by my grandfather himself, and the rest are small gadgets for drawing symbols and exorcizing ghosts. Shi Mu took them all with her.

Carrying the light luggage, Shi Mu left this so-called home without hesitation.

Choose the hotel and check in with your bags.

It is estimated that I have stayed in the small attic for a long time, but now I see the big soft bed and clean bathroom in the hotel, and I feel intense satisfaction in my heart.

After she couldn’t wait to take a shower, she tossed and turned on the bed a few times, and stopped when she had enough tossing.

“Hey, can you give me the information about Fu Yunshen?”

System: [Do you want to use the system search function? ]


System: [One search requires 100 brother values. ]

Shi Mu’s eyelids twitched when she closed her eyes, resting her mind. “Are you joking again?”

System: [I am a professional, never joke. ]

Shi Mu gritted his teeth: “I haven’t even touched Fu Yunshen’s hand, where can I find a brother for you?”

System: [You can borrow money, the interest rate is 10%. ]

“…” She finally couldn’t help but jump up: “I said you are a bandit of a system? Be careful, if I am unhappy, I will kill myself right now!”

After a long silence, a syllable from the system came to her ear.



[Just say you want to get a loan or not. ]

Shi Mu gritted his teeth: “Loan!”

Soon, the system printed Fu Yunshen’s information in front of Shi Mu.

It turns out that in the plot of the manga, it only described that Fu Yunshen killed someone at the age of ten, and later became a bloodthirsty demon because of the death of his younger brother. Now, the system displayed all of Fu Yunshen’s information in front of her.

Fu Yunshen and Fu Yunrui were fraternal twins. Fu Yunshen, who was born with yin and yang eyes and had a surly personality, was not liked by Fu Qian. On the contrary, his younger brother was smart and gentle, and was a suitable successor to the company.

At the age of five, his parents divorced, Fu Yunshen lived with his father, and his father remarried soon after. The stepmother was a cruel woman, she treated him meticulously on the surface, but behind his back she was beating, persecuting, and threatening him.

After his father passed away due to illness, he left a huge amount of property to Fu Yunshen. This made his stepmother unwilling and persecuted the young boy even more frantically. In the end, he listened to his lover’s advice and murdered her and seized the money…

Then, in the dead of night, the stepmother broke into Fu Yunshen’s bedroom with a knife. Unexpectedly, the knife only slashed his shoulder. Fu Yunshen, who woke up, completely lost his mind and took the knife to fight back.

The news that a ten-year-old boy killed his stepmother quickly spread throughout the streets and alleys. Because he was under 14 at the time of the incident, the police acquitted him. But this was the beginning of hell.

Due to the malicious fabrication by the media, Fu Yun was attacked in the depths of his life. His neighbors did not dare to approach him, and his classmates rejected him. He became like a plague god, with no family or friends, wandering the world alone.

And the dead stepmother turned into a ghost, appearing beside him every night, repeating the scene before her death day after day. She wanted Fu Yunshen to always remember that day, until he died, and until he died in hell.

From being frightened at the beginning to becoming numb in the future, Fu Yunshen grew up to become extremely gloomy and perverse. After three years, thirteen-year-old Fu Yunshen was found by his uncle and taken to Lingcheng. He is currently studying at the Yingnan High School.

Further down is Fu Yunshen…a mosaic photo, from head to toe, strictly. She had an ugly expression: “What do you mean by mosaic?”

System: [The mosaic will not be released until you touch the mission target.]

“If I see Fu Yunshen, will I still miss this broken photo of you?” But it didn’t matter, the system wouldn’t show it to her, she still couldn’t find it by herself.

After searching for keywords in the search engine, several related links quickly popped up. Seeing those titles, Shi Mu frowned fiercely.

[The young man did evil and brutally killed his stepmother. Being dissatisfied with his father’s remarriage, he raised his butcher’s knife. ]


[The lack of education is not worthy of being a human being. ]


News headlines are more eye-catching than each other. In order to protect the teenagers, the media only published photos with mosaics, and seldom showed full photos, and the facial features were blurred and blurred.

She searched for information about Yingnan High School again.

Yingnan High School was located on the border area of Lingcheng. It is managed in a semi-closed manner. It is specially built for parents who have no intention of disciplining their children. The school is fully responsible for the study and life of the students. It is a well-known school for the rich. To put it bluntly, the people inside are all rich second-generation bastards, and few of them are serious schoolgoers.

Shi Mu closed her eyes and meditated. If she wanted to get close to Fu Yunshen, she had to get inside first!

But– She could not get close to Fu Yunshen in this capacity.

Fu Yunshen’s biological mother was cold and violent to him, and his second mother was physically and verbally violent to him. He also saw his stepmother having sex with his lover several times. This left him with great psychological damage, which made Fu Yunshen dislike contact with women.

If she approached Fu Yunshen recklessly and said that I want to be your brother, she would definitely die a miserable death. Furthermore, Fu Yunshen would occasionally meet with his younger brother in private, once Fu Yunrui recognized her, she would still die miserably…

Besides, as a heartthrob, something might happen in a school full of rich second generations.

Now that I think about it, I can only—be a fake identity! Fake male identity! It’s okay for men to be brothers with men. So–

“System, are you really not considering transgendering me directly?”

System: [Get out.]

Alas, this world is really cruel. It seems that she can only rely on herself.

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