When she returned to the dormitory with her things in hand, she saw Fu Yunshen eating instant noodles at the table.

Putting down his things, Shi Mu took out a bag of spicy strips from the convenience bag, opened a box of milk, and handed it over: “It’s so uninteresting to eat only instant noodles!”

Fu Yunshen raised his eyelids slightly, “I’m lactose intolerant.”

Shi Mu: “…”

She scratched her head, “Then… spicy strips?”

Fu Yun lowered his eyes: “I have a bad stomach.”


When he hit a wall, Shi Mu shyly stopped and suddenly remembered that he had bought a gift for someone else, and he was forgotten in a blink of an eye. Shi Mu turned around and took out the black-covered comic book and put it in front of his desk, with a kind smile on his face: “This is a gift from me as a meeting gift, see if you like it.”

Fu Yunshen finally made a move. He put down his chopsticks, and lazily took the manga with his slender, white fingertips, and Shi Mu pursed his lips to look at him, his eyes full of anticipation.

He unpacked the package slowly and turned a page with his good-looking fingers. Almost instantly, Fu Yunshen’s expression changed drastically.

The young man squinted, his black eyes flickering with light: “Do I look gay?”

Shi Mu was stunned for a moment: “…Ah?”

Fu Yunshen’s finger bones were exquisite, and he turned over a few more pages, aiming at her eyes, “The Brother Who Slept in My Upper Bunk, huh?”

The ending sound of the hook is full of indifference and danger.

In the picture, the fair and slightly effeminate boy is pressing down on the black-haired boy, looking down at their indescribable parts.

Shi Mu restrained his smile, and cold sweat dripped down his face.

Gay comics??? Are all supermarkets so open-minded now?

Seeing her expression, the corners of Fu Yunshen’s lips curled up: “Oh.”


She understood this, and Qing Piao Piao fully expressed her disdain and ridicule for her.

Shi Mu came back to his senses, snatched the manga back, and said solemnly: “I thought it was a hot-blooded manga, but I didn’t expect the supermarket to sell this kind of thing. Fu Yunshen, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think you are gay. You are so masculine, so you’re definitely not gay.”

Fu Yunshen retracted his gaze, ignoring Shi Mu, and picked up the trash on the table by himself.

Seeing that he did not continue to question, Shi Mu was finally relieved.

At this moment, the boy who walked to the door suddenly stopped: “Put that comic over there.”


His voice was full of meaning: “Indeed it’s a hot-blooded comic…”




The door closed, and the sound of footsteps disappeared.

Shi Mu frowned, why did it feel so gayish?

To be precise, she had a feeling that she would be converted to a gay…


At 8 o’clock in the evening, the school officially closed its doors, and all the students had returned to school. The corridor outside the dormitory was noisy, full of the sounds of boys fighting and chatting. Looking at their dormitory again, it seemed like two worlds, quiet, serious, and a little gloomy.

Even in this kind of school, Fu Yunshen was an outcast. No one wanted to talk to him, let alone be roommates with him. Anyone who passed him would feel unlucky.

Shi Mu was isolated when she was in elementary school, and she knew the horror and despair in it. When she thought of the young man in front of her growing up in such an environment, she couldn’t help but feel distressed.

While sitting on the bed reading a book, Shi Mu carefully glanced at Fu Yunshen who was in front of the desk. He was typing on the computer keyboard, not knowing whether he was playing a game or chatting with someone, his expression was very serious and focused.

Shi Mu rolled his eyes, put down the book, and coughed softly: “Fu Yunshen.”

Him: “I’m not here.”

Shi Mu bit her lip: “It’s kind of boring. Should we two play games?”

Fu Yunshen: “No.”


It’s really embarrassing.

Shi Mu got off the bed with bare feet, and walked lightly behind Fu Yunshen: “What are you doing?”

As soon as her eyes glanced at the screen, she saw the teenager quickly close the page, leaving her with a browser homepage.

There was no expression on Fu Yunshen’s pretty face. He looked sideways slightly, “Are you okay?”

Shi Mu patted Fu Yunshen on the shoulder, and laughed twice: “It’s okay, it’s okay. As a man, I understand.”

He had a faint smile: “What do you know?”

“Big-breasted cute girl, everyone likes her.”

Now is the 21st century. Boys went through puberty earlier. When they were teenagers, they began to circulate perverted comics. They began to pay attention to which girls were good-looking and which girls had good voices. Even Fu Yunshen is no exception. Shi Mu understands very well.

Fu Yunshen’s eyelashes trembled slightly, “Do you like cute girls?”

She did not notice the deep meaning in Fu Yunshen’s tone, and nodded: “Of course I like it. Oh, I have a lot of torrent files of Hatano and Maria Ozawa here. You can give me your mailbox and I’ll send it to you. Speaking of the mailbox, Fu Yunshen, let’s add each other’s WeChat.”

With that said, she turned her head and picked up the mobile phone on the bed.

She lowered her eyes and opened WeChat. She clicked on add friends: “Fu Yunshen, I’ll add you.”

Fu Yunshen lacked interest: “Why do you want to add me?”

Shi Mu didn’t raise his head: “It’s convenient to ask you to bring a meal for me in the future.”

No, isn’t it too contemptuous of the boss to ask the boss to bring the meal?

Shi Mu hurriedly changed his words: “It’s convenient to bring you a meal.”

After finishing speaking, she quietly waited for Fu Yunshen’s answer.

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