Turning on the desk lamp, Fu Yunshen propped up his upper body and looked at her, his eyes were clear and he did not feel sleepy.

Shi Mu hugged her feet, groaning in pain, her face distorted.

Not only did this situation not arouse Fu Yunshen’s sympathy, but it also made him laugh. With a tone of complacency after a successful scheme: “I said earlier that you should not sleep here.”

“…” Shi Mu was speechless, how could she know what he meant by not sleeping here. Seeing the collapsed bed and red toes, Shi Mu had an idea.

She raised her head and looked eagerly at Fu Yunshen: “Can I make do with you for a night today?” The right time, place, and people are a good time to embrace and fall asleep with the boss.

His black eyes were deep, and for a moment, his thin lips uttered two words: “I can’t.” No surprise, it would be strange if she was allowed to fall asleep.

“Get up.” Fu Yunshen got off the bed barefoot and looked down at her.

Shi Mu’s eyes moved slightly, pretending to be distressed: “My feet hurt, I can’t get up, please help me.” As she spoke, she stretched out her hand to him.

“Then lie down.”


Ruthless, domineering, um, he is a big boss who will turn black in the future, that’s right.

It was cold on the floor, and she wouldn’t be so stupid as to lie down. After giving him a reproachful look, she stood up from the ground tremblingly and finally sat down on the small stool next to him.

Fu Yunshen didn’t look at her, bent over, and took out a black bag from under the bed. Shi Mu took a closer look and found that the bag was exactly what Fu Yunshen had taken back from outside during the day.

Fu Yunshen opened the zipper, and when she saw what was inside, her face turned green. Tools, all kinds of tools, nails, screwdrivers, awls, everything. In other words, Fu Yunshen was prepared and aware of this result long ago. He took out a hammer and screws, and after beating the broken foot of the bed for a while, the broken bed returned to normal.

“Okay.” Fu Yunshen stretched out his hand and shook it twice. After making sure that it wouldn’t collapse again, he lowered his head and put away his tools, and smiled at her, “Now you don’t have to sleep with me.”

Shi Mu’s eyelid twitched violently, and she laughed dryly: “Fu Yunshen, you are really good, you can repair beds.”

“It was you who touched my butt before.” In the dead of night, his voice was exceptionally clear. Shi Mu was taken aback, her back froze suddenly.

The young man in front of him drooped his eyes slightly, and his expression was dull and calm. The quieter he was and the more natural his expression was, the more flustered Shi Mu was.

Seeing that Shi Mu didn’t speak, Fu Yunshen raised the corner of his mouth, and said in a playful tone, “Why are you nervous? If anyone should be nervous, It is me.”

“That day, actually…”

“You don’t need to explain.” Fu Yunshen interrupted her, “I don’t care about other people’s private life, but I have to remind you that I don’t like being disturbed by others, understand?”

Shi Mu nodded. He went to bed and turned off the lights again. The dormitory returned to quietness. Shi Mu looked at the ceiling without any sleepiness. She turned over and carefully looked at Fu Yunshen who was in the next bed. On the side of his bed, the female ghost was still standing like a statue, silently.

Shi Mu, who knew all of Fu Yunshen’s experiences, naturally understood that the wronged soul in front of him was his stepmother who had abused him since childhood. After she died, she didn’t want to go to hell but only wanted to pester her stepson.

Whenever she swung a knife at Fu Yunshen, it would make Fu Yunshen feel pain, even though she is dead, she still insists on harming this boy, making him feel pain and despair every day, every night, and in every moment.

When Shi Mu closed his eyes, even if she and Fu Yunshen became roommates, Fu Yunshen still didn’t trust her. He had suffered too many injuries, and his soul was already broken. It was really hard for him to trust someone easily, but if… How about helping him solve the problems that have been haunting him?

Thinking about it, Shi Mu unconsciously fell into a deep sleep.

After she fell asleep, Fu Yunshen opened her eyes. She stood up and calmly looked at his stepmother who had died before the bed.

The moonlight was covered by dark clouds, she had a gloomy smile, and her upper and lower lips moved slightly: “Sa… So…”

The stepmother slowly raised her hand, pointing her sharp fingertips at Shi Mu who was on the bed next to her. Fu Yunshen squinted his eyes, lay down again, and closed his eyes.


At six o’clock in the morning, the students had already woken up to wash up. Shi Mu slept too late and woke up at half past six, the bed beside her was clean and tidy, she rubbed her eyes and looked around, the bedroom was empty, Fu Yunshen was gone,

Shi Mu didn’t dare to delay, got up and entered the bathroom in a hurry. After washing her face, brushing her teeth, tidying up her school uniform, she looked at her clean and fresh self in the mirror. Shi Mu picked up her school bag and turned to leave the dormitory.

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