He was sitting in the last row, resting his chin on one hand, bored. The slightly drunk warm sun plated fine gold on his hair, his eyelids were drooping, his imposing manner was silent, and he looked out of tune with the surroundings.

“Shi Mu, you can sit at…”

“I’ll just sit there.” She pointed to the empty seat in front of Fu Yunshen.

Teacher Liu frowned slightly. The seats in front of and to the left of Fu Yunshen were both empty. The reason being was that the students were afraid to approach him. She thought it would be great if someone was willing to sit beside Fu Yunshen, but she was afraid…

“Shi Mu, sit here with me.” One of the girls stood up, with a strand of hair on her forehead dyed red, wearing earrings, with a proud look. She completely had a bad girl look. “It’s closer to the podium from my place and you can have a better view.”

“That’s right. Fu Yunshen is a murderer. If you sit with him, be careful not to annoy him.”

“If you do, you may have to report to the mortuary.” After finishing speaking, there was a burst of laughter.

Fu Yunshen raised his eyes, his gaze was cold, like hardened ice. One glance was all it took to send shivers down people’s spine. Teacher Liu knocked on the desk with a ruler and yelled loudly: “Quiet! Be quiet! Don’t talk nonsense. Shi Mu can sit wherever he wants.”

Everyone pouted in disdain, but did not continue to make trouble. “Shi Mu, you can return to your seat now.”

Nodding her head, Shi Mu obediently sat in the front seat of Fu Yunshen with her school bag on her back. When Teacher Liu turned around to write on the blackboard, she looked back and made a face at Fu Yunshen.

Fu Yunshen, who was originally indifferent, was stunned for a moment when he met these eyes again. He lowered his eyes and closed his eyes. He turned the pages of the book with his slender fingertips, and his thoughts returned to silence again.

After the morning class ended, the students rushed out of the classroom one after another and went straight to the cafeteria downstairs.

Shi Mu was packing up her books when the girl with dyed hair in the front seat came over, “Shi Mu, would you like to have dinner with us?”

“No.” She shook her head, “I’ll go with my roommate.”

Zhao Yale’s eyes widened, “Who is your roommate?”

She stood up, “Fu Yunshen.”

Hearing the sound, several people were even more surprised. There were still people who were roommates with Fu Yunshen. What the hell?


Fu Yunshen was a lone ranger. He seldom eats in the cafeteria. He usually brought them home, and today was no exception.

When Shi Mu caught up to the cafeteria, Fu Yunshen had already packed the meal and was rushing outside. She didn’t dare to delay, and after ordering a few dishes at random, she hurriedly caught up with her bag.

“Fu Yunshen!”

Among the students passing by, her voice was clear and penetrating. The students around stopped instantly and cast stunned gazes at her, but Shi Mu ignored him completely and followed his footsteps panting heavily.

Fu Yun cast a sidelong glance at her, and quickened his pace with a calm expression. Shi Mu trotted to keep up: “Don’t walk so fast, be careful of the rice in your hands.”

He said coldly, “Then stay away from me.”

Shi Mu said helplessly: “Look at what you said, we live in the same dormitory, how far can I stay away from you?”

Fu Yunshen snorted coldly, but said nothing. She squinted her eyes, and a thought flashed through her. Shi Mu ran up to him and boldly said, “Fu Yunshen, you’re not afraid of me being gay, are you?”


“You can rest assured about this. I’m not gay. I went there that day to find a relative of mine. He has yellow hair and is very strong. He has been getting drunk there after he broke up with him. I was afraid that something would happen to him, so I persuaded him to come back. Besides, you were still at the door of a gay bar, does that mean you are gay?”

Shi Mu said a lot, but Fu Yunshen kept his head down, not sure if he listened. After finally entering the dormitory, Fu Yunshen, who was in a hurry, didn’t notice the few teenagers who came out of the water room at the corner. He only heard the sound of a thud, and he collided with the people in the middle.

After Fu Yunshen said “Sorry” without raising his head, he walked around several people and prepared to enter the elevator.

“Stop!” The other party yelled angrily, Fu Yunshen stopped, Shi Mu followed the voice and looked over. The boy is tall, about 1.8 meters tall, with fierce facial features, he looks like a tiger.

“Fuck your mother! Fu Yunshen, are you fucking blind?”

Fu Yunshen happened to bump into Zhou Zhi from Class 24 today. The Zhou family is a big family with money and power. As the only child in the family, Zhou Zhi has always been arrogant and has always been a person who walks sideways in the school. After some unhappiness, the beams between the two ended like this.

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