Becoming Invincible in the Game-Invaded World

Chapter 51 - Chapter 51: Lin Chen Fights the Flood Dragon, Attacking the Weak Point!

Chapter 51: Lin Chen Fights the Flood Dragon, Attacking the Weak Point!

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Soon, Mo Yi saw everything clearly.

Then, she was very surprised.

After all, in her understanding, it was very difficult for equipment to have the effect of lifesteal.

She was really surprised.

How many more surprises could this Lin Chen give her?

Lin Chen had never used the Lifesteal skill before.

It wasn’t that this skill was not important.

On the contrary!

It was because of this weapon and this skill that Lin Chen had the last bit of confidence.

What kind of confidence was that?

That was to give Lin Chen the confidence to fight the enemy head-on in a desperate situation!

Previously, Lin Chen did not use this skill because he was fast enough and would not be beaten up much, so he naturally did not use it.

Under such circumstances, in order to pursue maximum DPS speed, he had to tank damage head-on.

Lin Chen was tanking four Level 130 bosses. In a situation where he had to conserve his strength to deal with the flood dragon, he did not use any Forbidden Spells. He directly depleted all the HP of the four Ox Demons in 30 seconds!

Lin Chen succeeded.

Moreover, after the fight, his HP had recovered to full.

This way, Lin Chen would have enough health to deal with the flood dragon.

Now, Lin Chen’s soul cultivation had already reached Level 8.

His EXP was 68,000/150,000.

The higher the level of soul cultivation, the higher the EXP required.

In addition, in terms of spoils of war, Lin Chen was very lucky to have a Stone Energy Crystal drop.

He now had two array materials!

What surprised Lin Chen as well was that eight Level 130 crafted equipment design blueprints actually appeared.

Of course, gold coins and soul crystals were also indispensable.

However, to Lin Chen’s current wealth, these gold coins and soul crystals were just icing on the cake. They were not very meaningful.

Materials and crafted equipment design blueprints were more useful!

In the monster’s nest, there were still ten Mountain Devouring Crocodiles, eight Fire Ravens, four Two-Headed Pythons…

The Two-Headed Python was a Level 150 Boss.

Mountain Devouring Crocodile, Level 130.

Fire Raven was Level 140.

Of course, they were all Bosses.

There were no mob monsters here.

That was because this was the Boss’s nest. A Level 130 Boss could only sit at the children’s table here, let alone the small monsters.

Then there was the flood dragon.

A single one.

However, he was an undisputed king!

That was because its level had jumped to Level 180!

It was quasi First Rank.

At this level, how strong were the attributes of the flood dragon?

Lin Chen tried it.

He first chanted the Storm Force Field.

Of course, the Storm Force Field also had damage.

Wind magic damage.

Even though it was only 50% of his own magic attack damage, with Lin Chen’s current attributes, his magic attack was close to 230,000. Even if the wind in the Storm Force Field blew slightly, it would still deal more than 100,000 magic damage.

In the end, the flood dragon was hit with the wind. Then, a number appeared on its head:


The flood dragon’s HP had only decreased by 0.49%!

In other words, it had nearly 7 million HP!

One had to know that the current flood dragon was under the suppression of the Elven Princess Mo Yi’s array formation.

Its attributes were all cut in half!

In the end, his HP could still reach the level of a normal Level 150 Boss.

It was simply terrifying!

“Looks like I definitely can’t fight this guy head-on!”

Lin Chen thought that with his current HP and the status of the three pet possessions, he could at most take two or three hits from the flood dragon. This was even under the situation where the three pets shared the damage!

DPS classes were generally very fragile.

What did fragile mean?

It was just that their HP was not high.

However, this was also a balance in the game!

If your damage output was explosive and your HP was still very high, your class would be invincible.

After the game invaded reality, this disadvantage continued.

For example, when Lin Chen was possessed by three pets, his dual attack power exceeded 200,000.

However, his HP was only about 120,000 to 130,000.

This was very fragile.

However, he only looked fragile.

In fact, he was not fragile at all!

Firstly, Lin Chen’s attributes would have hidden defense attributes. His Spirit and Strength were very high, so his defense was not low. Secondly, his equipment also had a damage reduction effect.

Finally, and most importantly…

Lin Chen fought against four Level 130 Bosses and they activated Flurry at the same time. Although the Ox Demon Bosses’ attributes had been suppressed by half and their attack power had been halved, from the damage of Flurry previously, these four Bosses should be able to kill Lin Chen if they used their skills together.

However, they hadn’t!


Lin Chen had lost 54,000 HP twice when he was hit previously because he had only possessed a Flying Rat.

And now, Lin Chen had possessed three pets.

Under the damage sharing effect, Lin Chen had actually suffered 25% of the damage.

Possession not only made you stronger, but it also made you more difficult to kill.

That was why Lin Chen’s attributes only looked very fragile.

In fact, he was already considered very tanky among the DPS classes.

If it was Snow Foam, who was an Elementalist, her equipment was not bad. However, her HP was probably not even 30,000 when she was not possessed.

She was even more fragile!

However, if you were to PK with her, you would realize that she was not as fragile as you imagined or easily killed.

The flood dragon was attacked and immediately stood up angrily. Its thick and long body darted into the sky and instantly climbed to the top of the valley before roaring at the sky.

It was announcing its anger!

Monsters below the first rank could not speak.

Their roars were their language!

However, Lin Chen did not understand.


Slide Kick as a greeting!

At the same time, the Star Power Burst mark was ready.

With a single hit, the mark was applied.

At the same time, it dealt 130,000 damage to the flood dragon.

Then, Lin Chen did the same thing as usual. He went around the back!

He still had a set of skills and was waiting to attack the flood dragon crazily.

However, an unexpected scene appeared.

Like all monsters, the flood dragon’s speed was not enough in front of Lin Chen’s speed, especially when it turned around. In Lin Chen’s opinion, they were all too slow, but the flood dragon was still unhurried.

This was because Lin Chen heard the sound of air cracking behind his head.

It was the tail of the flood dragon!

Could you believe it?

The flood dragon sensed that the enemy had circled behind its neck and was actually so ruthless. It directly swung its tail and chased after Lin Chen.

Looking at the strength of its tail, it was simply about to wipe out Lin Chen and the back of its own head!

‘You win!’

Lin Chen had no choice but to give up on attacking.

He immediately activated Seven Stars Energy Gathering and dodged the flood dragon’s tail.

The flood dragon missed, but it also turned around and stared straight at Lin Chen.

The moment the flood dragon turned around, Lin Chen’s eyes seemed to sway… It was the reflection of a silver scale that shone into Lin Chen’s eyes.

Lin Chen almost instantly understood why the flood dragon was so ruthless. In order to force him to leave the back of its neck, it even hit the back of its head. So it was because of this!

“Hmph, you’re not a dragon yet, but you have a reverse scale?”

Lin Chen seemed to know the weakness of this behemoth.

Dragons had reverse scales. Touching them would make the dragon furious!

Why would they be angry?

That was because that was their weakness.

Furthermore, it was an absolute weakness.

No one could touch it.

Any similar behavior would be regarded as provocation or even harm to it!

However, flood dragons also had reverse scales.

Compared to real dragons, the difference in their appearance was actually not much. The most obvious difference was that… flood dragons did not have horns.

Only by growing dragon horns could one be considered a real dragon.

After understanding the flood dragon’s weakness, Lin Chen knew how to fight.

But now, he was still gathering energy.

This process took more than ten seconds.

Lin Chen used another forbidden spell: Divine Elephant Stomps the Nine Heavens!

Moreover, Lin Chen was very sneaky.

With his speed maxed out, his target happened to be the flood dragon’s reverse scale!


The flood dragon naturally discovered Lin Chen’s intentions. It hurriedly turned around and dodged, but their speeds were on completely different levels. The flood dragon dodged, but only the reverse scale portion dodged successfully.

Lin Chen’s foot pressed down on the flood dragon’s head!


The air vibrated.

At the same time, after the flood dragon roared in pain, it immediately launched a counterattack. It took this opportunity to spiral rapidly, intending to trap Lin Chen inside. Moreover, its entire body soared into the sky!

The flood dragon flew up.

Lin Chen was trapped in a net formed by its rapidly circling body.

However, Lin Chen did not escape. Instead, he appeared on the back of the flood dragon’s head in a flash. At the same time, the flood dragon realized that although it was not as fast as Lin Chen and its turn was slow, its tail was very agile.

In fact, it had already foreseen Lin Chen’s target. Its tail swept towards the back of its head a second or two in advance.

Lin Chen gritted his teeth. He would withstand this attack!

Enhanced Sneak Attack!

The skill hit the reverse scale.


The flood dragon roared in pain again.

A huge number appeared above its head. This number was more than three times greater than the damage Lin Chen had dealt before.



Two damage numbers. The first was physical damage, and the second was magic damage.

Yes, the enhancement of Enhanced Sneak Attack added a layer of magic damage.

“This is critical damage, right? No, it should be counted as a weak point attack.”

Lin Chen was first surprised.

Then, he was pleasantly surprised.

Weak point attack!

The damage was magnified.

However, at the same time, Lin Chen was also swept by the flood dragon’s tail. He was sent flying into the sky.


This attack took away almost 40% of Lin Chen’s HP.

“So fierce!


Lin Chen was speechless.

If not for the fact that the flood dragon’s attributes had been suppressed by 50%, the current Lin Chen should have… entered a heavily injured state!

However, Lin Chen did not have time to think.

This was because at this moment, the flood dragon was below Lin Chen. It spat out a water pillar at Lin Chen!

It was a huge water pillar!

Lin Chen knew that the attack power of this water pillar was definitely stronger than its tail!

This was definitely not something he could take head-on.

However, the range of the water pillar was too large.

It was also relatively close.

No matter how fast Lin Chen was, he definitely could not dodge it!

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